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  • How Low-Temperature Evaporation Treats FGD Wastewater

    Veolia Water Technologies’ low-temperature CoLD crystallizer technology can help coal power plants clean and recover water for reuse from the wastewater produced in wet scrubber systems. The innovative solution provides effective wastewater treatment at lower capita

  • Damage of particulate pollutants to the lungs

    People often consider that particulate pollutants are the result of fossil fuels, however, natural resources, for instance, wood can present damage if burned. Every day people breathe particulates ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Recirculating Molecular Air Scrubber

    Recirculating Molecular Air Scrubber

    Simple Solutions Distributing, drawing on its 17+ years in business designing and building molecular scrubbers for the wastewater industry brings you our industrial strength activated carbon recycling molecular scrubber, the RMS-800.