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  • Pet Cremators
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    Pet Cremators

    By Matthews Environmental Solutions Ltd.

    With more than 100 years of experience and over 4,500 installations in over 50 countries Matthews Environmental Solutions is, without question, the market leader in pet cremation equipment and technology. Within the IEB ...

  • White Smoke Emitter Cartridges
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    White Smoke Emitter Cartridges

    By MeterMall USA

    Regin S102 White Smoke Emitter Cartridges are an economical and practical method of generating a realistic swirling, non-toxic, non-staining smoke. S102 smoke cartidges produce 150 cubic feet of dense, white smoke over ...

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  • Turbulent Jets and Plumes

    Turbulent Jets and Plumes

    Jets and plumes are shear flows produced by momentum and buoyancy forces. Examples include smokestack emissions, fires and volcano eruptions, deep ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • MeterMall USA

    MeterMall USA

    Distributor of portable digital equipment for measuring, monitoring and data-logging environmental conditions including air flow, temperature, ...

  • Matthews Environmental Solutions Ltd.

    Matthews Environmental Solutions Ltd.

    Matthews Environmental Solutions Ltd. are an ISO 9001 (2008) accredited company, located close to Manchester, England, specialising in the design, ...

  • Polyproject Sweden AB

    Polyproject Sweden AB

    Producers of equipment for treatment of water and wastewater. We produce in plastics and steel. Our main products are tanks and vessels storage and ...