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HORIBA - Version EDA-2000 - Emission Data Aquisition Software

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in NORWAY

EDA-2000 is an emission data acquisition software, which is based on a 32-bit application and is especially constructed for the operating systems Windows XP/Vista/7. The handling of the data is done via one or more serial ports of the computer. Up to 8 different analyzer or Datalogger can be handled simultaneous. For this, the PC has to be ...

Test Laboratory Management System

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     Distributor in NORWAY

Originally developed and implemented with a leading global engine manufacturer as a productivity tool, TLS (Test Lab System) is now used industrywide. TLS integrates seamlessly with CADET V14 to enhance efficiency and capability by providing a complete solution for configuring and running tests, performing pre and post test data entry, ...


by Scentroid, a Division of IDES Canada.     Distributor in NORWAY

TOTAL ODOUR MANAGEMENT SYSTEMTOMS offers a complete, integrated suite for odour management. The system provides a perfect integration of real-time odour impact estimation with management of odour complaints from neighboring residents. The simple to use software uses field-olfactometry and live weather data to produce real time odour plumes showing ...

Scentroid Odour Map Application

by Scentroid, a Division of IDES Canada.     Distributor in NORWAY

Scentroid Odour Map is a valuable addition to the SM100 in-field olfactometer. This application automates the process of odour sampling, measurement, and evaluation. Save time and eliminate chances of error by instantaneously record and organize GPS position, time, wind speed, distance to source emission and more, for each sample.

Nems Accounter - Environmental Accounting and Management System

by add novatech     based in Stavanger, NORWAY

NEMS Accounter is an environmental accounting system for operators in the oil and gas industry who need to document compliance and report environmental performance. The system includes all common sources and calculation models. It is quick to set up, easy to learn, transparent, traceable and consistent. The system is online, highly automated and ...

NOxSIP - Emissions Management Software

by VisionMonitor Software, LLC     Office in SANDVIKA, NORWAY

The U.S. EPA issued rules that require large reductions in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in many states. VisionMonitor Software offers a variety of tools to assist organizations in achieving their emissions reduction goals. Our Real-Time Environmental Performance Suite of products offers modular components to address the compliance issues facing ...

Nems Forecaster - Methodology Based Software

by add novatech     based in Stavanger, NORWAY

add energy has developed a methodology and a computer program to forecast energy demand, gas and diesel fuel consumption, and exhaust gas emissions - from offshore petroleum production. The tool is used in-house to prepare over 300 GHG forecasts each year.

HRVOC - Enabling Organizations to Maximize Compliance Software

by VisionMonitor Software, LLC     Office in SANDVIKA, NORWAY

VisionMonitor's Real-Time Environmental Performance Suite includes a comprehensive tool set for managing your company’s compliance with HRVOC rules. The Real-Time Environmental Performance Suite modules provide web based functionality for monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting of HRVOC emissions from fugitives, flares, process vents, ...

CADET - Version V14 - Test Automation System

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     Distributor in NORWAY

Covering a wide range of industrial applications, CADET serves engine, powertrain, transmission, emissions, analytical, vehicle and component testing (Read Case Studies). Our first PC-based automation system was installed in 1982. Today the latest version of our powerful CADET Automation technology is still at the heart of our system solutions. ...

Title V - Optimizing Operational Efficiencies Software

by VisionMonitor Software, LLC     Office in SANDVIKA, NORWAY

One of the primary objectives of the Title V operating program established by the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) in 40 CFR Part 70 is to assimilate in one document all of the requirements to which a facility is subject. As the comprehensive vehicle for implementing state operating permits, Title V contains an amalgam of compliance ...

FLACS Software

by GexCon AS     based in Bergen, NORWAY

FLACS is the industry standard for CFD explosion modeling and one of the best validated tools for modeling flammable and toxic releases in the technical safety context.

Audiometer Calibration Software

by Larson Davis, a division of PCB Piezotronics     Office in Enebakkveien, NORWAY

A comprehensive line of couplers, systems and software! Larson Davis audiometer calibration systems combine the speed and power of the System 824 real time analyzer with the sophisticated, yet user-friendly, AUDit software. Standard audiometer specification tests can be performed manually or under computer control with greater ease than with any ...

MultiSite Software

by Eltek AS     based in Drammen, NORWAY

The MultiSite software is a server based tool that gathers statistically data from connected sites and store it in a database. It also includes webpages for viewing the data from the database.

Synergi Pipeline - - Pipeline Integrity Management Solution

by DNV GL - Software     based in Høvik, NORWAY

Take control from well to terminal with Synergi Pipeline, the software that enables safe and efficient pipeline operations, documents risk, and gives a clear overview of the integrity of pipelines, components and tanks.

VisionMonitor - Business Strategies Software

by VisionMonitor Software, LLC     Office in SANDVIKA, NORWAY

VisionMonitor has been helping companies mitigate environmental and operational risk by addressing a variety of performance issues. As your strategic business partner VisionMonitor, LLC will assist in the risk management of key business areas.

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