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methane oxidizer (Thermal Oxidizers) equipment

  • Sabio - Model 1000M - Methane Catalytic Oxidizer

    The Model 1000M methane catalytic oxidizer is an easy to use, reliable method for the removal of methane or carbon monoxide Ideal for use with any of Sabio's air sources, this oxidizer is extremely effective in furthering the reduction of air pollutants for clean air applications.

    By Sabio Environmental based in Round Rock, TEXAS (USA). from Methane Catalytic Oxidizer Product line

  • GCES - Ventilation Air Methane (VAM) CH4 Oxidizer

    This breakthrough Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) was designed specifically for VAM projects. The VAM RTO allows Gulf Coast Environmental Systems to offer a financially superior solution to VAM projects without compromising on safety or efficiency. Moreover, our VAM RTO offers a more economical footprint and is simple to transport and ...

    By Gulf Coast Environmental Systems, LLC based in Conroe, TEXAS (USA). from Air Pollution Control Equipment Product line

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    Rapidox - Model 3100 - Multigas Analyser System

    The Rapidox 3100 range includes precision single, dual and triple gas analysis instruments providing powerful functionality and extensive features. Designed for process, research and development applications, this gas analyser range has proven very popular with universities and research institutes worldwide. Typical gas analysis configurations ...

    By Cambridge Sensotec Limited based in St. Ives, UNITED KINGDOM. from Multi-gas Analyser Product line

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    WesTech - Forced / Induced Draft Aerator

    A variety of aeration equipment types are used for effective mechanical oxidation and gas removal. The most common, and most efficient, is positive draft aeration. This is accomplished in cylindrical or rectangular vessels where a counter-current flow of air and water is created.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Aerators (Water) Product line

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    AirScience DeOxo - Oxygen Depletion Process Unit

    AirScience experience with oxidation with precious metal catalyst goes back to the early years of the company with the supply of large catalytic reactors for the oxidation of hydrogen bromide (HBr) in the purified terephtalatic acid (PTA) industry. Such as the PTA plants in Montreal, Canada and Altamira, Mexico have used AirScience CaTox units for ...

    By AirScience Technologies Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from AirScience - Oxygen Depletion System Product line

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    IMR - Model 5000 - Continuous Flue Gas Monitoring System

    The IMR 5000 is state-of-the-art continuous flue-gas monitoring system, and is designed for a wide variety of flue-gas monitoring applications. The IMR 5000 is a stand-alone analyzer that works automatically. Available in a 19' rack mount or rugged wall mounted enclosure. The wall mount enclosure meets NEMA type 4X (IP65) standards. The modular ...

    By IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. based in Saint Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems Product line

  • LAMBDA-OCHC (Biological Filter)

    Biological methane oxidation represents one solution to treating landfill gas with methane contents below 20 %. In this process, the methane available is converted into CO2 and H2O by methanotrophic bacteria under the presence of oxygen. The reaction results in a gain in energy which is used by the bacteria for metabolic activities and to form new ...

    By LAMBDA Gesellschaft für Gastechnik mbH based in Herten, GERMANY.

  • Xinlongwei - Formaldehyde

    Alias: BFV; fannoform; superlysoform; Veracur; Formalin; formalith; Formic aldehyde; Formol; FYDE; HCHO; HOCH; karsan; lysoform; Melamine-Formaldehyde Resin; Methan 21; Methanal; Methyl aldehyde; Methylene oxide; Morbicid; Oxomethane; Oxomethylene; Oxymethylene

    By Shijiazhuang Xinlongwei Chemical Co.,Ltd based in Xinhua Dist.,Shijiazhuang, CHINA. from Formaldehyde Solution Product line

  • Critical Environment Technologies - Model YES Plus LGA 15-Channel IAQ Monitor - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    For monitoring: Ammonia, Arsine, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, Ethylene, Ethylene oxide, Fluorine , Formaldehyde, Hydrogen, Hydrogen chloride, Hydrogen cyanide, Hydrogen fluoride, Hydrogen sulphide, Methane, Nitric oxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Oxygen, Ozone, Phosphine, Silane, Sulphur dioxide, TVOCsSimultaneously ...

    By CitiSafe Pte Ltd based in Singapore, SINGAPORE.

  • Toxic Petroleum Plastics

    The decomposition process of petroleum plastics in landfills emits methane gas into our atmosphere for approximately one thousand years.  Methane gas is four times more toxic than what comes out of the exhaust pipe of an automobile.  Once in our atmosphere methane gas oxidizes to carbon dioxide gas.  Carbon dioxide gas has a ...

    By Bioplastics International based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Critical Environment Technologies - Model YESAIR 8-Channel IAQ Monitor - Indoor Air Quality Monitors

    For monitoring: Ammonia, Arsine, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, Ethylene, Ethylene oxide, Fluorine , Formaldehyde, Hydrogen, Hydrogen chloride, Hydrogen cyanide, Hydrogen fluoride, Hydrogen sulphide, Methane, Nitric oxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Oxygen, Ozone, Phosphine, Silane, Sulphur dioxide, TVOCs and PM2.5 or PM10 ...

    By CitiSafe Pte Ltd based in Singapore, SINGAPORE.

  • Volpin - Odor and Dust Abatement System

    Odor and Dust Abatement System in Animal Breeding. Emissions of dust and gaseous compounds in farming, have a significant impact on the environment and in particular involving acidification and eutrophication due to emissions of nitrogen oxides and ammonia, also contribute to the greenhouse effect for the emission of nitrous oxide and methane. The ...

    By Volpin Impianti S.r.l based in Fratta Polesine, ITALY.

  • CEA - Model Series U - Single & Multipoint Gas Detectors

    SERIES U gas detectors utilize unique, patented sensors that are unaffected by moisture, temperature change, or poisons. Dedicated units are available for Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Diesel/Gasoline Vapors, Total Hydrocarbons, Hydrogen, Combustibles (as Methane), Freons, or Ethylene Oxide and Alcohols. SERIES U ...

    By CEA Instruments, Inc. based in Westwood, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • E-PURE - Model MSA - Methane Sulfonic Acid

    E-PURE MSA (methane sulfonic acid) is used in electroplating and electrolyte specially in tin lead deposition ; it can be used also for the regeneration of ions exchange resins. The key properties for all these applications is the high solubility of the MSA metallic salts.

    By Arkema Inc. based in King of Prussia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • CRI - Guard Beds and Adsorbents

    CRI offers a wide variety of adsorbents, with a focus on providing adsorbents/guard beds upstream of specific hydrogen steps, giving additional protection to the downstream catalytic processes.

    By CRI Catalyst Company (CRICC) based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Hydrogenation and Specialty Catalysts Product line

  • Pure Gases

    Specialty Pure Gases - We are one of the world's largest producers of pure gases. Because we produce most of these pure gases ourselves, we closely control the consistency and quality of each product. Our customers can be sure of getting the best quality possible for every pure gas we deliver.

    By Air Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC based in Plumsteadville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Model P1880 - Gas Cylinder

    Gas Cylinder from CONPEC’s P1879 Series Calibration Kits. See Options below for part numbers for your specific gas requirements.

    By Conspec Controls Limited based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Industrial Products Series Product line

  • Model 6410 Series - Oxygen Absorbing Purifiers

    The Model 6410 Series Oxygen Absorbing Purifiers are high-efficiency purifiers that will remove trace contaminants of both oxygen and water vapor from most non-corrosive gases. These Oxygen Absorbing Purifiers are available in two pressure configurations. A high-pressure model for direct connection between the supply gas cylinder and the ...

    By Chrysalis Scientific Technologies Inc. based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Gas Filters and Purifiers Product line

  • Viridian - Bio Filters

    Anthropogenic methane (CH4), a significant component of landfill gas, is widely regarded as the most damaging Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and according to the UNFCCC it has a 20 year Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 56 based on a value of 1 for Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

    By Viridian Systems Ltd based in Birkenhead, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • EnviCat - Purification of Industrial Gases

    Clariant’s EnviCat catalysts and Actisorb adsorbents address the high quality demands of technical gases, reducing the level of substances such as hydrocarbons, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide or sulphur compounds to minimal levels of a few ppm or even ppb. Building on decades of research and practical application, Clariant has developed ...

    By Clariant International Ltd. based in Munich, GERMANY. from Industrial Off-Gas Treatment Product line

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