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recuperative thermal oxidizer (Thermal Oxidizers) equipment

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    Process Combustion - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

    Our range of recuperative oxidisers are designed with a very high destructive efficiency, low outlet emissions and can handle varying solvent concentrations. Primary heat recovery enables the system to be energy efficient. Systems are supplied with a primary heat exchanger to heat the incoming air stream. Additional secondary heat systems can be ...

    By Process Combustion Ltd based in Harrogate, UNITED KINGDOM. from Thermal Processes - Thermal Oxidisers Product line

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    Anguil - Model TRO - Thermal Recuperative Oxidizer

    The Anguil Thermal Recuperative Oxidizer destroys Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and odorous emissions that are often discharged from various industrial processes. The air pollution control device uses the proper mix of temperature, residence time, turbulence and oxygen to achieve destruction or thermal ...

    By Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Thermal & Catalytic Oxidizers Product line

  • MAXIM - Model RC - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

    A modular design available in pre-engineered sizes ranging from 100 scfm to over 30,000 scfm. A variety of arrangements are available to suit your process requirements. The factory assembled and tested units are trial run prior to shipping to minimize field installation time.

    By Colt Technologies, Inc. based in Rockwall, TEXAS (USA).

  • Turner EnviroLogic - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

    Where the concentration of VOC's is lower, auxiliary fuel is needed to maintain proper destruction temperatures. To minimize the amount of auxiliary fuel needed, Turner EnviroLogic applies a stainless steel heat exchanger to preheat the incoming gas with heat from the oxidizer exhaust. Recuperative thermal oxidizers can recover up to 70% of ...

    By Turner EnviroLogic, Inc. based in Deerfield Beach, FLORIDA (USA). from Thermal Oxidizers Product line

  • TKS - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer

    A more thermally-efficient design, the Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer passes the hot exhaust gas through an air-to-air heat exchanger, heating the incoming process air to ~700°F, or 50% of the combustion temperature. Then, the burner in the oxidizer only needs to provide half the heat required for a successful combustion reaction. The heat ...

    By TKS Industrial Company based in Troy, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Recuperative Thermal Oxidation

    Installations for VOC's Volatile Organic Compounds reduction by means of thermal oxidation designed and manufactured by Kalfrisa guarantee an optimum efficiency, thanks to the appropriate selection of temperature, residence time and mixture turbulence.

    By Kalfrisa, S.A. based in Zaragoza, SPAIN. from VOC Abatement Product line

  • Cire Technologies - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

    Cire Technologies has manufactured recuperative thermal oxidizers since its inception. We use only construction techniques that are proven by years of equipment operation. You will not find a thermal oxidizer built by us that uses a plate type heat exchanger. They fail prematurely compared to tube and shell heat exchanger.

    By Cire Technologies, Inc. based in Mountain Lakes, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Oxidizer Systems Product line

  • Tann - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

    Recuperative thermal oxidizers use a stainless steel heat exchanger to preheat the incoming process air to within 400°F of the combustion temperature prior to entering the combustion chamber. The burner will provide the remaining energy to heat the process air to the combustion chamber temperature of ~1,400°F. In the combustion ...

    By TANN Corporation based in Kaukauna, WISCONSIN (USA). from VOC Control Systems Product line

  • AMBOSO - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

    The combustion process merely involves oxidation of the carbon (C-) and hydrogen (H-) atoms contained in the molecules of hydrocarbons and solvents to be burnt, whose exothermic reaction gives rise to the following products: carbon dioxide (CO2) and steam (H2O).

    By Ventilazione Industriale Srl based in Lissone (MB), ITALY.

  • AEREON - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

    AEREON's recuperative thermal oxidizers are complex incineration systems that are designed to destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants that are emitted from various processes. These oxidizers include heat recovery modules to preheat combustion air and incoming waste process streams to minimize fuel consumption for ...

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Thermal Oxidation/Incineration Systems Product line

  • TKS - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

    The TKS Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers are often used when low to moderate levels of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) exist in a given waste stream. This air pollution control device combines the right levels of turbulence, oxygen, time, and temperature in order to reach the ideal thermal oxidation.

    By TKS Control Systems, Inc. based in Oswego, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Epcon - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer

    Epcon is an industry leader in Thermal Oxidizer technology and can design a system to fully integrate a customer's heat Processing Equipment with a Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer. This provides tremendous costs savings with respect to minimizing the use of natural gas and mechanical sub assemblies.

    By Epcon Industrial Systems, LP based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA). from Thermal Oxidizers Product line

  • NESTEC - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

    The Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer converts VOCs and HAPs to carbon dioxide and water vapor through high-temperature oxidation. A recuperative heat exchanger (either a plate type or shell-and-tube type) is employed to recover thermal energy from the oxidation process and thereby lower fuel costs. Operating temperatures are around 1,500°F.

    By NESTEC, Inc. based in Douglassville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Thermal Oxidation Solutions Product line

  • CATALYTIC - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer

    Thermal treatment of VOC's and other air pollutants works by a simple reaction of the harmful air pollutants with oxygen and heat. In this environment the VOC's are converted to water vapor and usable heat. These harmless by-products are released into the atmosphere or use an energy recovery technique to further lower the operational costs.

    By J Carpenter Environmental LLC (JCE) based in Mequon, MICHIGAN (USA). from Air Pollution Control Products & Equipment Product line

  • Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

    S&SE Thermal Recuperative Oxidizers destroy air pollutants emitted from process exhaust streams at temperatures ranging from 1000°-2200°F. A Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer utilize a combustion chamber with multi pass shell and tube type heat exchanger which is fabricated of heavy-duty stainless steel. Temperature, residence time, & ...

    By Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. based in Signal Hill, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

    A recuperative thermal oxidizer is best for process applications with lower flow rates or VOC concentrations above 10% LEL. Applications of a recuperative thermal oxidizer include amine treater off gas, cellulosic ethanol plants, calciner and spray dryer exhaust, and chemical manufacturing processes.

    By Catalytic Combustion Corporation (CCC) based in Bloomer, WISCONSIN (USA). from VOC Control Catalysts Product line

  • Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

    VOC abatement using Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers is appropriate in many process applications including processes where particulate may be present, with higher Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) concentrations or even where a large amount of heat energy may be needed somewhere else in your facility. Pollution Systems’ designs are able to ...

    By Pollution Systems based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA). from Thermal Oxidizers Product line

  • Nacah Tech - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers System

    Recuperative thermal oxidizers best suit VOC laden air streams with sufficient loading that provides more heat than for sound RTO’s operation but insufficient normal loading for DFTO (direct fired thermal oxidizer). Recups reduce the operating costs to an optimum level while not overheating or overloading the system.

    By Nacah Tech LLC based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Thermal Oxidizer Solutions Product line

  • DCT - Recuperative Thermal Oxidation Plant

    The recuperative thermal oxidation allows the air depuration by thermal oxidation at 750-800°C. The thermal recovery is done by means of an air-air heat exchanger.

    By Donau Carbon Technologies S.r.l. (DCT) based in Guanzate (CO), ITALY. from Thermal Oxidation Plants Product line

  • Recuperative Thermal Oxidation Plant

    It consists of oxidizing fuel compounds from a gas flow, at a temperature higher than its autoignition point, during a fixed time and with optimal mixing conditions.

    By Prodesa Medioambiente based in Zaragoza (España), SPAIN. from Gas Treatment Product line

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