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  • Recovery of phenyl acetic acid - Case Study

    Customer: A leading pharmaceutical company. Location: Western India Tower Name: Extraction Column. Tower Diameter: 700 mm. 4 Packed Beds of 3m height. Mass Transfer Equipment: Medal-Pak tower packing and Liquid-Liquid Extraction internals. History:Client is engaged in pharmaceutical business for last 3 decades and has a major role in producing chemicals and

  • Revamp of ammonia plant - Case Study

    Customer: Fertilizer industry. Location: Western India Tower Name: CO2 Absorber and Regenerator. Tower Diameter: 4900 mm; 2730-3940 mm. Mass Transfer Equipment: Tower Packing and Internals. History: ...


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  • Air Stripper Tower Systems

    Air Stripper Tower Systems

    Air stripping is an environmental engineering technology used for the purification of waters containing contaminants. Air is forced through the polluted water to remove harmful chemicals, causing the chemicals to evaporate, and the gas is then collected and cleaned while the cleaned water is pulled to the bottom by gravity.