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Traffic Emissions Equipment

  • Plasma-assisted Sludge Oxidation (PASO)

    Fabgroups Technologies Inc. has a licensing agreement with Hydro Québec to develop, manufacture and market a rotary kiln equipped with an electric plasma torch. Plasma-assisted sludge oxidation (PASO) is an emerging technology that can be used to process organic sludge from a variety of sources. This energy-efficient technology, which ...

    By Fabgroups Technologies Inc. based in Saint Laurent, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Cubic - Automotive Emission analyzer

    Introduction: Proprietary Infrared(NDIR) gas sensor. Measure gas concentration of CO, HC, CO2, O2, NO simultaneously. LCD display.Air/fuel ratio calculation and display automatically. Chinese/English display screen,easy operation. Oil temperature and RPM interface. RS-232 interface and optional software. Built-in Printer.Specification: Measurement ...

    By Wuhan Cubic Optoelectronic Co., Ltd based in Wuhan, CHINA.

  • LSE - Model N2O - 4405 - Air Pollution Monitoring of Nitrous Oxide Analyser

    LSE Monitors has developed a robust and cost-effective analyser based on photo acoustics with a quantum cas-cade laser. The concentration of N2O in ambient air is continuously determined with a sensitivity of 0.005 ppm and a time resolution of 120 s. Although the concentration of N2O in the atmosphere is relatively high (330 ppbv), the day and ...

    By Enviro Technology Services Ltd based in Stroud, UNITED KINGDOM. from Automotive Product line

  • Testo NanoMet3 - Portable Solide Nanoparticle Counter for Vehicle Exhaust Emission

    Portable Emission Measurement Systems – PEMS have been proven for certain applications to better identify in-use performance of vehicles than standard laboratory measurements. They are designed to measure emissions during the actual use of an internal combustion engine vehicle or equipment in its regular daily operation under real-world ...

    By Testo SE & Co. KGaA based in Lenzkirch, GERMANY.

  • Dust Control Products

    Dust can be a nuisance, resulting in loss of product, health problems, and safety issues. Neo Solutions, Inc. offers several products that are cost effective in controlling fugitive dust emissions from: Coal prep plants and rail transport, Underground coal mining operations (MSHA approved), Sand and gravel mining operations and storage piles, ...

    By Neo Solutions, Inc. based in Beaver, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Coal Mining Product line

  • Model DKS / KS - Concrete Sumps

    Buoyancy-proof sewage collection chamber.Sewage collection chamber made of sulfate-resistant concrete B 45 for land drainage, and industrial and communal applications.

    By Jung Pumpen GmbH based in Steinhagen, GERMANY. from Sumps Product line

  • Premium

    HORIBA - Model CVS-ONE Series - Constant Volume Sampler

    The CVS-ONE series is designed for the measurement of diluted emissions from vehicles and engines. The new integrated operating platform, HORIBA ONE PLATFORM is adopted for the CVS-ONE. The hardware has been significantly downsized from previous designs, reducing test cell footprint requirements. It introduces new functions and is more ...

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH based in Leichlingen, GERMANY. from Automotive Test Systems Product line

  • Premium

    E Instruments - Model F5000-5GAS - Automotive & Forklift Exhaust Gas Analyzer

    The F5000-5GAS is a portable exhaust gas analyzer designed for engine tuning and emissions testing for forklifts, automobiles, trucks, buses, and other vehicles.

    By E Instruments International, LLC based in Langhorne, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Industrial Emissions Analyzers Product line

  • Model 5012 - Multi Angle Absorption Photometer

    Black Carbon (BC), a product of incomplete combustion, comes from industrial pollution, traffic, fires, the burning of coal and biomass fuels. Unlike carbon dioxide emissions, which add to global warming by trapping heat in the atmosphere, soot emissions may contribute to global warming and climate change by absorbing sunlight, heating the air and ...

    By Orion s.r.l. based in Veggiano, ITALY. from Air Monitor - Ambient Carbon Monitor Product line

  • VCOM - Co and Tunnels Visibility Monitor

    The VCOM tunnel monitor measures the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) in tunnel atmospheres and makes a visible opacity measurement to determine the visibility within the tunnel. These measurements can be used as part of an air quality management system for ventilation control and/or secondary smoke detection within a traffic tunnel ...

    By Tunnel Sensors Limited based in Crowfield, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Premium

    Environnement S.A - Model O342e - e-Series - UV Photometric Ozone Analyzer O3

    The O342e ozone monitor combines patented optical technology with decades of expertise to ensure you get best ozone monitoring results available on the market, quickly, ecologically and reliably! It provides accurate, extremely stable and repeatable O3 measurements in the range of 0.2 ppb to 10 ppm The O342e analyzer represents an absolute ...

    By Environnement S.A based in Poissy, FRANCE. from Air Quality Monitoring - Gas Analyzers Product line

  • VIPA MkII - Tunnels Visibility Monitor

    The VIPA MkII tunnel monitor makes a visible opacity measurement to determine the visibility within the tunnel. These measurements can be used as part of an air quality management system for ventilation control and/or secondary smoke detection within a traffic tunnel, rail tunnel or other confined space.

    By Tunnel Sensors Limited based in Crowfield, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Accuscan - Model RSD5000 - Remote Sensing Device

    With an ever-growing number of large and small vehicles commuting to and from our towns and cities every day, never has vehicle emissions monitoring been such a priority for local authorities.

    By Enviro Technology Services plc based in Stroud, UNITED KINGDOM. from Vehicle Emissions Monitoring Product line

  • Steel Diesel Pistons System

    In diesel engines, steel pistons provide significant potential for reducing CO2 emissions in comparison with the aluminum pistons that have been typical up to now. After a long history of positive results in commercial vehicles, MAHLE has therefore developed steel pistons for passenger car diesel engines to the point of series production ...

    By MAHLE GmbH based in Stuttgart, GERMANY. from Passenger Cars - Piston Systems Product line

  • Model LDV - On Board Emissions Analyzers

    The SEMTECH LDV meets or exceeds all known standards set for the European RDE-LDV program and introduces many new and exciting features. The SEMTECH LDV, Sensors' 5th generation PEMS, is the culmination of fifteen years of experience in the design, development, and application of PEMS. The system directly addresses the challenges created by the ...

    By Sensors, Inc. based in Saline, MICHIGAN (USA). from On Board Emissions Analyzers Product line

  • Premium

    INNOVA - Model 3433 - Automotive Emissions Monitor System

    LumaSense offers the market quality photoacoustic-based gas monitoring solutions. The Automotive Emissions Monitor - 3433 is a highly accurate and reliable Multi Gas Monitor (PAS) with Specific Configuration for Exhaust Gas or SHED Evaporative Testing. Its measurement principle is based on the photoacoustic detection method. Extremely versatile by ...

    By LumaSense Technologies, Inc. based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Photoacoustic Multi-Gas Monitor Product line

  • Automotive Emissions Catalysts

    In response to human-health issues and air-quality concerns, regulatory standards have been adopted worldwide to control the emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx), particulate matter (PM), carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2), from on- and off-road internal combustion engine exhaust. Catalysis plays a significant role in the abatement of ...

    By Logical Clean Air Solutions. based in Agoura Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • NOVICOM - Oxide and Carbon Monoxide Tunnel Visibility Monitor

    The NOVICOM tunnel monitor measures the concentration of nitric oxide (NO) and carbon monoxide (CO) in tunnel atmospheres and makes a visible opacity measurement to determine the visibility within the tunnel. These measurements can be used as part of an air quality management system for ventilation control and/or secondary smoke ...

    By Tunnel Sensors Limited based in Crowfield, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Premium

    HORIBA - Model OBS-ONE - Real Driving Emissions Monitoring System

    In 2015 the European Commission´s (EC) Member States agreed on new procedures and requirements for light-duty vehicle type approval certification introducing Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS) for vehicle testing on the road. In conjunction with the new WLTC test cycle Real Driving Emissions (RDE) legislation will be implemented as ...

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH based in Leichlingen, GERMANY. from Automotive Test Systems Product line

  • PlymoVent - Vehicle Emissions Collection Systems

    It takes only seconds to expose your employees to vehicle exhaust fumes. Exhaust fumes are harmful. They need to be removed at the source to prevent your employees from being affected. Air Cleaning Technologies' engineered systems provide virtually 100% source capture elimination of toxic gases and particulate as recommended by NIOSH, NFPA and ...

    By Plymovent Group BV based in Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS. from Vehicle Exhaust Collection Systems Product line

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