Turbine Exhaust Articles

  • Emissions Measurement Advancement

    Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and Sierra-CP Partner To Bring Industry Breakthrough Regulatory activity surrounding solid particle number has become one of the more difficult challenges for engine and vehicle manufacturers today.  Sierra and Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) have entered into an agreement to commercialize and produce SwRI’s fully ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

  • Flue gas flow rate measurement for verifying continuous monitoring at power stations according to EN ISO 16911

    The relatively new European standard for measuring fl ue gas fl ow rate, EN ISO 16011 Parts 1 and 2, specifi es Quality Assurance requirements for continuous flow monitoring at, for example, large combustion and incineration plant. When the flue gas fl ow rate is measured, as is usually the case for incineration plant, the fl ow monitor must be calibrated, according to Part 2 of the standard, ...

  • Electrodeionization for Power Plants — Importance of Silica

    Power plants use high purity water to drive steam turbines. Cogeneration and combined-cycle power plants are highly-efficient, using both exhaust turbines and high-pressure steam turbines. The steam must be of the highest purity.

    By SnowPure Water Technologies

  • Hot weather on its way ... Check the condition of your cooling tower

    The approach of summer is a good time to check the performance and, more importantly, the physical condition of your cooling towers. After all, it’s easier to repair a tower when weather conditions don’t put a strain on its cooling capacity. A cooling tower passes air over tiny droplets or the exposed surface of a water film. In both cases, a small amount of water is vaporized, ...

    By Evapco Inc.

  • Water quality monitoring and weather data at Pampulha Lake-Brasil - Case study

    In 2010, OTT Hydromet's partner in Brasil,  Hexis began working with CETEC. This resulted in the installation of a buoy, equipped with an automatic profiling system, in early 2013. The project’s objective is the continuous monitoring of the lake’s water quality, with focus on improving this by the 2014 World Cup Games.  Adcon, Lufft and OTT technologies (Hydrolab DS5X ...

    By OTT HydroMet

  • Case study - E.ON Power Plant Nuremberg

    Water level, water flow and discharge are monitored at two inflows of the E.ON electricity power plan Franken I, using the OTT SLD, with horizontal Doppler-flow sensors. The purpose of this measurement is to optimize the operation of the plan which partly covers the demand for electricity in the conurbation of Nuremberg-Fuerth-Erlangen.  OTT technologies for this project have been in use ...

    By OTT HydroMet

  • A new approach for fixing leakages in Qatalum, QAT case study

    Qatalum is the largest aluminium smelter plant ever launched in one phase and is a joint venture between Qatar Petroleum and Norsk Hydro. Its annual capacity is 585,000 metric tons of primary aluminium. Qatalum also ensures a stable supply of electricity by a 1350 MW natural gas power plant but this requires an effectively function of the cooling water system. Project ...

    By Amex Sanivar

  • Study of recyclable energy of exhaust and structure design of electric generator on vehicles

    In the present study, the energy transfer process of the engine exhaust was analysed based on the concept of exergy and exergy analysis of the second law of the thermodynamics, the proportion of the wasted exergy and the major exergy loss position were identified, which provided a theoretical basis for taking new measures to reduce the unnecessary loss of the available energy during the energy ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • NOx re-burn simulation in a double-jet counter-flow flame

    The paper investigates the main features of NOx emission in a laminar double-jet counter-flow diffusion flame for later use as a possible physical model for NOx reduction through turbine in situ reheat. The oxidizer stream consists of exhaust gas resulted from a conventional combustor and the fuel stream is represented by an air?methane mixture. The main interest rests on the distribution of NOx ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Oxidation System for Sanitary Landfills & Recycling Centers

    The Broward County, Florida, Central Sanitary Landfill & Recycling Center operates the country’s largest landfill gas turbine-to-energy plant. Approximately 9 MMSCFD of landfill gas is collected from 300 wells and converted into electricity. During the cleanup after hurricane Andrew, large amounts of construction and demolition debris were brought into the landfill for disposal. Over a very short ...

    By Merichem Company

  • Thermal Power - Guidelines for New Plants Industry - Pollution Prevention Guidelines

    Introduction Pollution Prevention Guidelines to provide technical advice and guidance to staff and consultants involved in pollution-related projects. The guidelines represent state-of-the-art thinking on how to reduce pollution emissions from the production process. In many cases, the guidelines provide numerical targets for reducing pollution, as well as maximum ...

    By The World Bank

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