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Ventilation Systems Equipment

  • Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems

    Horizon-Future vehicle exhaust extraction systems start with single station systems for small/medium vehicles - wall or ceiling mounted, through to large multi-point collection systems suitable for both private cars and commercial vehicles. All systems are designed to exhaust to atmosphere.

    By Horizon International based in Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM. from Exhaust Ventilation Product line

  • ABC EnviroDuct - PVC/Polyester Substrate with Steel Wire Helix, Sewn Construction

    Compression up to one-seventh of its total extended length. Excellent UV stabilization with mold and mildew inhibitors for rigorous outdoor use. Flame resistant in accordance with UL94VTM-O, California Fire Marshal, and NFPA701 Method 2 specifications.

    By ABC Industries Inc based in Indiana, INDIANA (USA). from Industrial Ventilation Ducting Product line

  • Model IRIS-S - Ventilation Controller

    The IRIS-S is a ventilation computer to control the room ventilation up to a maximum of 6 steps. To keep the negative pressure constant, it is possible to control the air inlet flaps by means of an extra negative pressure sensor. The heating and cooling are controlled by means of a relay contact. In case a relative humidity sensor is applied, it ...

    By Hotraco Agri BV based in Hegelsom, NETHERLANDS. from Ventilation Controllers Product line

  • OptoSense - Demand Controlled Ventilation

    Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) with OptoSense CO2 Sensors lower the energy bills. The main advantages of our sensors are: accurate, long term stable, no maintenance and simple installation. Better accuracy results in even lower energy bill. Sensors from OptoSense react quickly and precisely so that a VAV system can provide an optimum indoor ...

    By OptoSense AS based in Oslo, NORWAY.

  • Saddle Vent Confined Space Ventilation System

    The Saddle Vent was designed to let workers enter and exit a confined space quickly and safely without the need to remove the ducting. Its unique design allows the Saddle Vent to fit any size manhole opening without loss of air flow to the worker. The entire system can be set up in less than 5 minutes. 8” diameter ducting is attached from ...

    By CG Industrial Safety based in Peekskill, NEW YORK (USA). from Confined Space - Ventilation Systems Product line

  • COSHH - Inspections of LEV Systems

    Where engineering controls are provided to meet the requirements of regulation 7, the employer shall ensure that thorough examination and testing of those controls is carried out.In the case of local exhaust ventilation plant, at least once every 14 months, or for local exhaust ventilation plant used in conjunction with certain processes this ...

    By Advance Environmental Services based in Southport, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • ATI - Model EE82 Series - Dual Beam CO2 Sensor

    Applications; Outside Air Measurement To -4ºF (-20ºC), Suitable For LEED Certified outdoor CO2 monitoring. Mushroom Farms. Greenhouses. Livestock Barns. Fruit & Vegetable Storage.

    By ATI Airtest Technologies, Inc. based in Delta, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from CO2 Demand Controlled Ventilation Product line

  • 1st Tech - Biodegradable Descaler, Safe and High Efficiency

    Synthetic, compatible, and safe, 1st TECH Biodegradable Descaler can be used to clean water scales, limes slurries, rust stains, and other sediments in industrial or commercial water systems. Environmentally friendly cleaner is non-corrosive, non-hazardous, and non-toxic and may be used on equipment made of aluminum, aluminum alloy, cooper, or ...

    By Mibo International Corp. based in New York, NEW YORK (USA). from Biodegradable Descaler Product line

  • Munters - Model SM24 - Inlet Shutters

    SM inlet shutters are suitable for use in the livestock and greenhouse industries as well as traditional industries. In order to obtain a quick and responsive control over the fresh-air intake into a house, a SM inlet shutter can be utilized. Air is sucked into the house structure through an open SM inlet shutter by means of exhaust fans, placed ...

    By Munters based in Kista, SWEDEN. from Air Intakes / Air Inlets - Shutters Product line

  • Mr.William - Model II - Ventilation Controller

    Control of room temperature. Control of fan-speed. Two output control signals for damper motors. Automatic fan stop. High quality polycarbonate-housing sealed to IP 65. Reduced control signal triggered by lower outside temperature

    By Klima Design A/S based in Silkeborg, DENMARK. from Ventilation Controllers Product line

  • Turbine Inlet Cooling

    Gas turbines lose performance as inlet air temperatures rise - most noticeable in the summer, when you typically need power most. Various technologies can increase the output and efficiency by reducing the inlet air temperature. The Everest Sciences solution takes inlet air cooling a step further. Our proprietary technology provides the highest ...

    By Everest Sciences based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • Extech - Model 45170CM - 5-in-1 Environmental Meter

    Ideal for professional or home use in testing the environmental quality in a building. Ergonomic housing with large dual LCD. Low friction vane wheel improves accuracy of Air Velocity and Air Flow measurements. Utilizes precision photo diode and color correction filter for light measurements. Thin-film capacitance humidity sensor for fast ...

    By FLIR Commercial Systems Inc - Extech Instruments based in Nashua, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Airflow Meters Product line

  • KemJET - Central Ventilation System

    KemJET is a central ventilation system for workshops where local exhaust ventilation systems are not feasible or it is used to supplement such systems. It effectively protects employees and machines from fine dust. The heated, purified air remains in the room, so that in the winter heat from the heating system is retained. This, way large energy ...

    By KEMPER GmbH based in Vreden, GERMANY. from General Ventilation Systems Product line

  • Membrane-Based Moisture Recovery in Building Ventilation Systems

    Enthalpy exchangers are an upcoming technology in building ventilation systems. In contrast to conventional heat recovery devices, enthalpy exchangers recover additional energy in terms of latent heat within moisture. One big advantage of membrane-based systems is that they are suitable for both residential and decentralised ventilation. The ...

    By AL-KO THERM GMBH based in Jettingen-Scheppach, GERMANY.

  • Model VE18C - CO2 Controlled Ventilation System

    CO2-controlled ventilation uses the level of carbon dioxide to determine the ventilation needs. It makes humidity and meter fans obsolute, and there is no need for adjustment. It is superior both summer and winter. The level of CO2 depends on the number of animals in the house, the size of animals, the activity of the animals and the actual ...

    By VengSystem A/S based in Roslev, DENMARK. from Ventilation Product line

  • Half Circle/ Triangle Ducts

    This ventilation system is suitable for bulk produce. Cooling air is blown right in to produce via ducts on the floor. Half circle ducts are efficient for use of short cold periods in spring and autumn. Also filling degree of the storage is high. Stack of the produce can be at maximum 5 meters high. Handling and moving of goods is in other hand ...

    By a-Lab Ltd. based in Keuruu, FINLAND. from Ventilation Systems Product line

  • Model QL-Series - Utility Buildings

    The QL-Series of buildings is available worldwide (select sizes may vary by region) in a wide variety of widths allowing for greater versatility when choosing a building solution for your business. The QL-Series truss arch design makes it the most robust model in our Utility line of buildings and is ideally suited for a variety of industrial ...

    By Norseman Structures based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Kleissler PC - Local Exhaust Ventilation and Dust Control Hoods (LEV)

    Kleissler P C has experience in all pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.  The below slideshow includes examples of some of the pharmaceutical applications for which Kleissler P C has designed hoods.

    By Kleissler P C, LLC based in Avon-by-the-Sea, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Pharmaceutical Industry Products Product line

  • CleanAirTower - Indoor Ventilation System

    The ventilation system CleanAirTower is used wherever local extraction does not work or is insufficient. It effectively protects employees and machines from fine dust. The purified air is recirculated. The device hardly creates any air turbulence, ensuring that no dust is distributed into clean areas. The CleanAirTower functions according to the ...

    By KEMPER GmbH based in Vreden, GERMANY. from General Ventilation Systems Product line

  • Push-Pull Ventilation System

    Push-Pull ventilation system is an outlet and inlet system where the pipes are mounted opposite each other and which is connected to a suction and filter system. The system is suitable for workshops with low to medium levels of smoke and dust where a spot extractor system is not feasible or it is used to supplement spot extractor systems. It is ...

    By KEMPER GmbH based in Vreden, GERMANY. from General Ventilation Systems Product line

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