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  • Processing performance of Tantalum

    Processing performance of Tantalum

    Processing performanceTantalum has good plasticity, low deformation resistance, and low process hardening. It can be processed into plates, strips, foils, pipes, rods and wires at room temperature.Tantalum can be formed into various devices & parts using traditional processes, equipment and tools such as metal spinning, deep drawing

  • Automatic Welding

    Automatic Welding

    With the development automation technology, automatic welding technology is more advanced. Automatic welding machine plays an important role in the application of various industries, and its ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Weld Smoke Collection Systems

    Weld Smoke Collection Systems

    Our Busch brand Weld Smoke Collection Systems are durable, high-efficiency systems for the collection of fumes from welding operations. Our systems are engineered to deliver maximum performance, reliability and efficiency on even the toughest production line applications. With years of experience, our products are proven performers even on heavy fume load automotive industry ...