Wood Dust Control

Equipment & Solutions

  • Bulk Waste Extractor
    Showcase Product

    Bulk Waste Extractor

    By Flamefast

    The Mardon PL16 Dust Extractor has been designed specifically for use with machines which produce bulk waste such as Planers and Wood Lathes in line with HSG258 Guidelines. However it may be used for other similar ...

  • Flexible Medium Weight Hose
    Showcase Product

    Flexible Medium Weight Hose

    By GAP Plastomere

    Flexible medium weight ducting made out of flame-retardant soft PVC wall reinforced with PVC coated spring steel wire. Special construction «wavy wall» for optimum flexibility. Steel wire for grounding.

  • Modular Filter
    Showcase Product

    Modular Filter

    By Coral S.p.A

    Modular filter for wood dusts and shavings. The MFM filtering unit is the most economical and less bulky solution in absolute for filtering dusts that require a large filtering surface (e.g. polishing wood). Obviously, ...

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