Wood Dust Control equipment for Air and Climate available in Latin America

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    Diversitech - Model DVAC II - Portable Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

    Capture weld fumes at source with the DVAC-II. This portable weld fume source capture vacuum can connect directly to weld fume guns. The portable vacuum can also be connected directly to rotary sanders or used as a housekeeping vacuum to clean the shop. Welding fumes and dust are eliminated at source to comply with all OSHA air quality guidelines.

    By Diversitech based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA).

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    Diversitech - Retractable Booths

    Diversitech’s Retractable Booths offer you unprecedented versatility for industrial fume, smoke and dust collection. This engineered solution is custom-built to your specifications and, unlike metal booths, will retract to 20% of its extended length, saving valuable time and space.

    By Diversitech based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Retractable Booths Product line

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    Diversitech - Model B Series - Baghouse Dust Collector

    Diversitech’s B Series Baghouse Dust Collectors are designed to collect heavy dust loads with a high volume of air. Baghouse collectors can range from 16 to 720 filter bags depending on the application, and filter media is available in Nanotech Nanofiber or Polytech Spunbond media. The B Series line of dust collectors incorporates a vertical ...

    By Diversitech based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Baghouse Dust Collector Product line

  • Duscovent - Dust Extract Articulated Arm

    The dust extract articulated arm has been designed to provide extraction at source for cutting machines or spot extract for process equipment. The arm incorporates an external articulated carrier arm with fixing bracket and capture hood at opposite ends. The flared capture hood is connected to a flexible hose, which is supported along the length ...

    By Duscovent Engineering Ltd based in Stockport, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dust Extract Articulated Arm Product line

  • Industrial Exhauster

    The Materials Handling Wheel is designed to handle and move air or gas containing granular materials, dust, buffing and grinding wheel exhaust, wood or metalworking machine exhaust. It is also used for dirty, tough or general industrial materials-handling applications. Wheels are heavy welded steel construction with six radial blades. Sizes from ...

    By Robinson Fans Inc based in Zelienople, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • CLARCOR - Model SDB - Downdraft Bench Cartridge Dust Collectors

    The heavy-duty SDB downdraft bench cartridge dust collector offers a large work surface, high-capacity dust drawers and a downdraft velocity up to 200 fpm. It is typically used for applications including bulk powders, drilling, dry buffing, dry chemicals, carbon black, cast iron, hand sanding, grinding, paint pigment, paper dust, polishing, ...

    By CLARCOR Industrial Air based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA). from Downdraft Bench Cartridge Dust Collectors Product line

  • Decent Machinery - Cyclone Dust Collectors

    The cyclone dust collectors can be used in: buffing, bulk powder, conveying material, fiberglass or   Plastic, grinding , machining, polishing, sawing dust and woodworking dust. Our product is a high-efficiency cyclone separator designed for removing moderate size particles (chips, metal grindings. sawdust) from the air stream ...

    By Decent Machinery based in Zhoucun District, ,Zibo, CHINA. from Cyclone Dust Collectors Product line

  • Model FLA - Dry Dust Extractors

    Flamefast recognises the stringent health and safety regulations that exist for workshops and offers a range of dust extraction systems to suit portable tools and equipment such as grinders, polishers, band and circular saws. All models can be retrofitted to our machines, or custom-designed for use with other equipment. All models comply with UK ...

    By Flamefast based in Warrington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dry Dust Extractors Product line

  • Model NE - Dedusters

    NESTRO NE-series dust removers comply with all current requirements and are approved for internal installation in workshops (see also BGI [Information provided by the Employers‘ Liability Insurance Association] 739 p. 15). The NE 350 has been registered for approval.

    By NESTRO Lufttechnik GmbH based in Schkölen, GERMANY. from Dedusters Product line

  • High-Temperature Recirculation Axial Flow Fans

    Robinson’s laboratory facilities are designed for both air performance and sound testing. Qualified lab personnel use state-of-the-art instrumentation to ensure accurate test results. The emphasis on quality at Robinson is backed by expert workmanship and a thorough quality control program. Dye penetrant testing, magnetic particle ...

    By Robinson Fans Inc based in Zelienople, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Euroimpianti Firenze - Model FL Series - Mini Wood Filters

    Miniwood filters FL are used especially for less severe works or in those works where there is an occasional need of suctions. They have a cotton filtering bag 500 gr/m3, manual cleaning and a collection bag for manufacturing residuals.

    By Euroimpianti Firenze by Efffe Group S.r.l. based in Calenzano (FI), ITALY. from Mini Wood Filters Product line

  • Wood Panel

    The wood panel industry has been experiencing problems with fire and dust explosions for many years. Up to today, these problems haven't been eliminated. And unfortunately as production increases, so does the risk for fire and explosions.

    By Firefly AB based in Stockholm, SWEDEN.

  • Single Dust Collection Bags

    These can be made from either woven cotton or Polyester needlefelt. The dust collects on the inside of the bag. Popular OEM makes are Startrite, Mardon, P & J, etc. When ordering just give us the length and diameter or circumference and we can instantly give you a price.

    By Scottex Precision Textiles Ltd based in Bury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Single Dust Collection Bags Product line

  • Putsch - Model SVP 133 M/145 M/145 A - Precision Panel Saw

    The Putsch precision panel saw SVP 133 and SVP 145 models are compact and highly versatile cutting systems, suitable for a wide range of applications. The Putsch SVP 145 is the standard vertical panel saw model. The SVP 133 is the smaller version of the identically constructed SVP 145.

    By Putsch GmbH & Co. KG based in Hagen, GERMANY.

  • Coral - Model MEC - Bag Filter

    Bag filter for wood dusts and shavings. The CORAL MEC mod. substation is the modular sleeve type with automatic continuous discharge, for filtering shavings, dusts and sawdust. The structure is in strong galvanised sheet panels, bolted to each other and divided as follows: upper body, containing cleaning devices, sleeve-holder frame, filtering ...

    By Coral S.p.A based in VOLPIANO (TO), ITALY. from Bag Filter Product line

  • Pneumatic System

    Pneumatic systems are optimal solutions for dust extraction and material transport in wood processing and wood-based panel industries for wood flakes, fibers, strands and dust. The fluid optimized systems consist of fans, blowers, cyclones, rotary valves, high grade impulse filters and ductwork.

    By Dieffenbacher GmbH based in Eppingen, GERMANY. from Pneumatic System Product line

  • Model C Series - Cyclone Dust Collectors

    The C Series is a high-efficiency cyclone separator designed to effectively remove large to moderate size particles (chips, metal grindings, sawdust) from the air stream. Used alone or in conjunction with another dust collector, the Cyclone separates coarse contaminants from fine, non-visible particles and exhausts clean air. Typical applications ...

    By CLARCOR Industrial Air based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA). from Cyclone Dust Collectors Product line

  • Nordic - Model CS - Dust Filter Cartridge Used for Mobile Collectors

    Nordic Air Filtration's CS Dust cartridge is mainly used for mobile dust collectors and it is specifically suitable for the wood industry and industries with large dust particles. The CS dust filter cartridge differentiates from other filter cartridges, as it is an inversed air flow cartridge in which the air filtration is taking place from the ...

  • Fumex - Model FA1-Mini - Mini Industrial Air Purification System

    The FA1 mini industrial air purification system utilizes a high performance blower and a 4 stage hybrid air filter system to capture and treat dust and gases generated in many industrial & woodworking processes. Two large capacity prefilters protect the system's HEPA filter and gas/odor filters providing a cost-effective, ...

    By Fumex, Inc. based in Kennesaw, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Mini Industrial Air Purification System Product line

  • Model SDC Series - Self-Contained Shaker Dust Collectors

    The SDC Series of shaker dust collectors are ideal for intermittent processes. These shaker-style systems safely and effectively collect airborne pollutants captured at the source helping ensure the safety of workers while achieving OSHA and NFPA regulatory compliance for combustible or explosive dusts. The SDC's proven performance in removing up ...

    By CLARCOR Industrial Air based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA). from Self-Contained Shaker Dust Collectors Product line

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