Wood Dust Control equipment for Air and Climate in Europe

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    Diversitech - Retractable Booths

    Diversitech’s Retractable Booths offer you unprecedented versatility for industrial fume, smoke and dust collection. This engineered solution is custom-built to your specifications and, unlike metal booths, will retract to 20% of its extended length, saving valuable time and space.

    By Diversitech Distributor in Bishops Waltham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Retractable Booths Product line

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    Diversitech - Model DVAC II - Portable Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

    Capture weld fumes at source with the DVAC-II. This portable weld fume source capture vacuum can connect directly to weld fume guns. The portable vacuum can also be connected directly to rotary sanders or used as a housekeeping vacuum to clean the shop. Welding fumes and dust are eliminated at source to comply with all OSHA air quality guidelines.

    By Diversitech Distributor in Bishops Waltham, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    Diversitech - Model B Series - Baghouse Dust Collector

    Diversitech’s B Series Baghouse Dust Collectors are designed to collect heavy dust loads with a high volume of air. Baghouse collectors can range from 16 to 720 filter bags depending on the application, and filter media is available in Nanotech Nanofiber or Polytech Spunbond media. The B Series line of dust collectors incorporates a vertical ...

    By Diversitech Distributor in Bishops Waltham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Baghouse Dust Collector Product line

  • Coral - Model FM - Modular Filter

    Modular filter for wood dusts and shavings. The FM filtering unit is the most economical and less bulky solution for filtering dusts that require a large filtering surface (e.g. polishing wood). Obviously, the FM dust collector is always valid for filtering small amounts of sawdust and small shavings where the use of mini-silos or containment ...

    By Coral S.p.A based in VOLPIANO (TO), ITALY. from Modular Filter Product line

  • ACword - Model FT 200 P - Dust and Sawdust Extractors

    Increased filtration area ensures permanently higher output of the extractor and the paper filter catches even the finest fraction of waste. To be delivered with the filter V15 -1 for extraction of wood dust or waste or also available with filter V15 for extraction of siliceous dust, cement, etc. Highly effective filters ensure a significant ...

    By ACword, spol. s r.o. based in Třinec, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Dust and Sawdust Extractors Product line

  • Multiple Filter Sleeves

    These can be made from either woven cotton or Polyester needlefelt. The dust collects on the inside of the bag, as it enters from the bottom. The is fixed at the bottom of the filter unit by either a snap band and double felt seal or a double garter spring cuff. The closed end is normally either hung from or screwed to the roof, via a metal disc. ...

    By Scottex Precision Textiles Ltd based in Bury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Multiple Filter Sleeves Product line

  • Multipocket Filter Bags

    Multipocket type bags have the pockets joined together to give a large filter media surface area in a small space. Pockets are either shaken from the bottom (ie, DCE types) or from the top (i.e. Airmaster type).

    By Scottex Precision Textiles Ltd based in Bury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Multipocket Filter Bags Product line

  • Spänex - Large Filter Units

    Industrial companies from different sectors are among the customers of SPÄNEX. In the case of exhaust systems with air quantities above 50,000 m³/h, large filters are usually used. The individual customer requirements in this performance segment require optimally tailored plant technology for every application. On the base of a careful ...

    By Spänex GmbH based in Uslar, GERMANY.

  • Smartflex - Model 0,6 - Industrial Hose

    Light weight and flexible Polyurethane ducting, flame retardant

    By Schauenburg Ruhrkunststoff GmbH based in Mülheim an der Ruhr, GERMANY. from Industrial Hose Product line

  • GROSS - Model GP-Genius 2/40 - Briquetting Press

    Briquetting presses for volume reduction and production of heating material.The GP Genius series was developed for briquetting chips and dusts especially. These high-performance, robust and high-quality machines compress homogenous material to form com-pact briquettes. Due to its highly effective hydraulic system, their wattage is extremely low ...

    By GROSS Apparatebau GmbH based in Heilbronn, GERMANY. from Briquetting Press Product line

  • Schuko - Model VACOMAT N1000 - Dust Extractors

    Dust extractors of the series VACOMAT N1000 enable an individual adjustment of suction power and filter area in a proofed method of construction. The fan capacity, filter surface and the conveyance system can be adjusted to the respective requirements. The collected dust and wood-chips mixture can be filled in bags, pressed or discharged into ...

    By Schuko H. Schulte-Südhoff GmbH based in Bad Laer, GERMANY. from Dust Extractors Product line

  • Plastic Ductwork

    Roperhurst fabricates and installs all types of ductwork, whether circular or rectangular, from a range of materials including PVC, GRP, PVC/GRP, PPS, polypropylene/GRP, aluminium, galvanised steel and stainless steel.  We carry significant stock and are happy to work on a supply-only basis.

    By Roperhurst Limited based in Barry, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Centrifugal Fans

    The Cattin Filtration range of centrifugal fans can solve all dust removal and pneumatic transport problems under very different conditions and in extreme climates, continually offering you a better performance/price ratio. Only Cattin Filtration’s experience guarantees you the best choice. Transport fans for transporting all types of ...

    By Cattin Filtration based in Pont-de-Roide, FRANCE. from Centrifugal Fans Product line

  • Model NE - Dedusters

    NESTRO NE-series dust removers comply with all current requirements and are approved for internal installation in workshops (see also BGI [Information provided by the Employers‘ Liability Insurance Association] 739 p. 15). The NE 350 has been registered for approval.

    By NESTRO Lufttechnik GmbH based in Schkölen, GERMANY. from Dedusters Product line

  • Euroimpianti Firenze - Model FL Series - Mini Wood Filters

    Miniwood filters FL are used especially for less severe works or in those works where there is an occasional need of suctions. They have a cotton filtering bag 500 gr/m3, manual cleaning and a collection bag for manufacturing residuals.

    By Euroimpianti Firenze by Efffe Group S.r.l. based in Calenzano (FI), ITALY. from Mini Wood Filters Product line

  • Chain Extractor

    The chain extractor allows dust, wood shavings, sawdust, etc. to be extracted from storage silos. It is installed centrally on the base of silos with a high holding capacity and diameter. The chain extractor is available in different sizes and is built in robust steel structure of a suitable thickness.

    By Mion Ventoltermica Depurazioni S.p.A. based in Maserada sul Piave (TV), ITALY. from Chain Extractor Product line

  • Wood Panel

    The wood panel industry has been experiencing problems with fire and dust explosions for many years. Up to today, these problems haven't been eliminated. And unfortunately as production increases, so does the risk for fire and explosions.

    By Firefly AB based in Stockholm, SWEDEN.

  • Single Dust Collection Bags

    These can be made from either woven cotton or Polyester needlefelt. The dust collects on the inside of the bag. Popular OEM makes are Startrite, Mardon, P & J, etc. When ordering just give us the length and diameter or circumference and we can instantly give you a price.

    By Scottex Precision Textiles Ltd based in Bury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Single Dust Collection Bags Product line

  • Model WFB - Modular Silo Wood Dust Filter Unit

    WFS modular filter unit suitable for wood, paper, metals and more. As with our WFB units the modular design of the WFS Silo filter makes it possible to configure the filter in many different formats to suit the customer’s requirements. The collected waste is discharged through a Rotary Valve unit and dropped pressure free directly into skip ...

    By Wood Waste Control (Eng) Limited based in High Wycombe, UNITED KINGDOM. from Modular Silo Wood Dust Filter Unit Product line

  • Putsch - Model SVP 133 M/145 M/145 A - Precision Panel Saw

    The Putsch precision panel saw SVP 133 and SVP 145 models are compact and highly versatile cutting systems, suitable for a wide range of applications. The Putsch SVP 145 is the standard vertical panel saw model. The SVP 133 is the smaller version of the identically constructed SVP 145.

    By Putsch GmbH & Co. KG based in Hagen, GERMANY.

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