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The plastic plant in the plastic extrusion machine with a motor is generally the commutator motor or electromagneticgovernor motor, electricity in the cost of plastic products a considerable proportion. Thus reducing electricity and reducethe cost of plastic products is an important aspect to be considered by the user.

The extruder motor drive AC slip, there is a large power, low transmission efficiency, speed accuracy, speed is not stable enough and other shortcomings, the use of Frequency Control to solve the above drawbacks. By the transformation, debugging, put into operation, reflecting the good may be promotion similar to the plastic processing machine, the cases pelletizing machine, pipe machine, Banliaoon application.

System features:

  • Substitution with frequency converter slip speed, not only can the energy-saving, speed, accuracy and stability haveimproved to meet the needs of production.
  • Inverter technology with ordinary asynchronous motor can reduce tons of plastic products, electricity, year-on-yearcommutator motor efficiency of 20% -30%, up slip for more than 50% of electrical energy, while the variable frequencysoft start, no current impact, starting a smooth, can improve product quality.
  • The inverter control technology to prolong motor life, reduce maintenance costs.
  • Inverter overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit protection function, played a role in safeguarding thesafety in production.