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The past 10 years in the fierce market competition, domestic and foreign textile machinery manufacturers, PLC control, frequency control, electromechanical integration of electronic technology to replace the traditional mechanical structure, improve the reliability of the textile machine, improve spinning quality and degree of automation, to expand the adaptability of varieties, the use of manipulation is easy then. Textile manufacturers also invested in the transformation of the old machine equipment. This has a more technical - AC variable speed technology.

The advantages of AC Variable Speed
AC Variable Speed the rapid popularization of the past two decades in some technologically advanced countries, and gradually occupied a dominant position in the electronic drag, power electronics theory. The power electronics is the use of electronic semiconductors for power conversion and control technology. 1973 American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Power Electronics Power Electronics Conference sponsored by the definition: the edge of the field of electrical electronic and control technology disciplines. Power electronics have been unwell for the speed control AC induction motors, DC motor speed performance.

AC variable speed drive has the following characteristics:

  • 2.1 can make ordinary asynchronous motor to realize stepless speed regulation
  • 2.2 small startup current, reducing the capacity of power supply
  • 2.3 Smooth start to eliminate the impact of the mechanical protection of machinery and equipment
  • 2.4 motor has a protective function and reduce the maintenance costs of the motor
  • 2.5 has significant energy-saving effect

AC variable speed drive technology with these characteristics, has begun to replace the DC speed control device, as the direction of development of the modern electrical transmission.

AC variable frequency technology in the cotton textile equipment, the need to promote the use of
Processing equipment, electrical transmission and stability requirements in the spinning process, jog, start-up and lifting speed should be smooth to achieve, in order to make the fiber drawing evenly, reducing the weight unevenness and evenness CV value. The transmission system of the cotton spinning equipment, by the belt and gear to bear the hardness of the reasons due to motor starting, jog and start the process, inevitably there will be the belt slipping, gear shock phenomenon. Mechanical transmission gear train, the gear is more, the greater the chance of gear damage caused by AC inverter technology solution smooth start to eliminate the impact, when the machinery start to realize stepless speed regulation to meet the production process requirements, improve the quality of yarn. The application of the yarn varieties change without changing the teeth or pulley, the speed of change of equipment and technology can be completed only by frequency settings.

AC variable frequency technology in the textile equipment
4.1 AC frequency control has been widely used in the new domestic cotton spinning equipment. In 2000 the 7th China International Textile Machinery Exhibition, carding FA201B FA326 and machine FA423 roving machines, FA710 high speed and the machine FA231 Twister Frequency Control. Series of new domestic spinning frame F1513 F0128 series adopts PLC programmable control, frequency control, spinning the whole spinning speed control according to set procedures. 1008 EJM128JL type spinning machine, spindle speed according to paragraph 10 of the Frequency Control. FA716 doubling the basis of the collective frequency control, can also use different varieties, the implementation of the single spindle group or section of frequency control, and adapt to the many varieties of cotton and other yarn winding requirements.

AC variable speed in the carding machine.

The old carding machine due to the technical conditions in terms of design, equipment manufacturing costs, market needs and other factors limit the inevitable there are some drawbacks. Often result in higher due to a fault, such as the A186D Carding Machine Road transmission system in the electromagnetic clutch to stop Taiwan from the fire, to cause some loss of production efficiency and product quality, to preserve and maintain the need to invest substantial human and material resources. Some corporate inertia wheel electromagnetic clutch is abandoned. This the Astoria slow turn fast process in thin strips, and in severe cases the effects of the broken edges, cotton net to pull off the sliver quality. Some companies in order to avoid this phenomenon, improper operational methods to compensate for the defects of the above equipment, but to cause a lot of scrap bar is also undesirable.

To improve the process of carding machine running state. The A186D carding machine in order to Astoria reach l, deceleration smooth, two-speed motor, the inertia wheel, electromagnetic clutches, with electrical and mechanical means to achieve in the mechanical transmission design. A186E, A186F, FA201 carding machine designed to increase the motor star - triangle convert this control system link, which further improves the l, deceleration slope. FA201B, FA212 carding machine uses AC frequency control, in order to achieve any adjustment of the Astoria Ramping, Astoria process speed function of any variable. Provide a good example for the old machine. AC frequency control of the A186D old machine, not only to improve equipment performance, reduce the failure to stop Taiwan. Can improve production efficiency and quality of sliver.

Frequency Control on a roving machine to replace anti-details of the device. Roving machine bobbin winding and the front roller speed in the open to stop prone to differences caused by the roving tension is too large and too small, so it is easy to form the rough details of the roving, in order to reduce the generation of rough details in the roving machine drive the design of the reactor, the time relay and the magnetic clutch, referred to in order to prevent details of the device. The role of the reactor roving machine startup, so that the main motor is three-phase imbalance, thereby reducing the starting torque of the motor to achieve the purpose of the soft-start, time relay, the electromagnetic clutch is Lilium and tube in the roving machine parking phase out of tube winding, bobbin stopped winding the front roller is still inertia continues to output the roving, roving between the roller and the flyer and a certain degree of relaxation degree, to prevent excessive tension in the roving again while driving. Such anti-details of the device in actual use, there are serious flaws. First, the reactor string phase in the three-phase circuit, the use of unbalanced three-phase principle to reduce the starting torque of the motor, when the roving machine starts after the end of the reactor through the time relay short, so that the motor to restore the three-phase equilibrium state , put into normal operation. If the time relay if there are problems, it will cause the motor to a long period of unbalanced three-phase operation, cause the motor to overheat and burn out. Second, stop with the electromagnetic clutch clutch time is two time relays with the adjustment, the roving relaxation of grasp difficult Furthermore, the electromagnetic clutch failure is also higher; this anti-details of the device, small, roving anti-details has not been well addressed in the actual production can be maintained. The new roving machine and old machine with AC variable frequency technology. To make this process difficult issues to be resolved. Before and after the transformation FA413 roving machines yarn quality testing, start segment roving CV% decreased by 2-3%, the roving coarse details of the decline in more than 90%.

Frequency Control in the sizing machine reduces the mechanical structure and motors. G142 series sizing old machine adopts AC frequency control, reducing the original design of the first set of mechanical continuously variable transmission, while eliminating the need for a servo motor and a slow motor. To meet the sizing process, the speed became speed slow, host and lifting speed transformation to start the process goes speed without intermittent variable speed. The real speed adjusted for changes in pressure | rate sizing sizing balanced conditions.

Frequency Control in the textile air conditioning to make the significant energy saving. Air conditioning fan control, according to workshop environmental conditions for fan variable speed, expanded adjustment range, due to the fan most of the work in the 50-80% efficiency, so that good energy-saving effect of up to 60% around the pump control applications based on the amount of water to adjust the water supply pump speed to achieve energy efficiency is also close to constant pressure water supply.

AC variable speed technology in the cotton textile equipment to promote the feasibility of the application.
AC variable speed technology in the new domestic cotton textile equipment has been more widely accepted. Cotton textile equipment serving to promote the use of a few. Yan Lei, Cotton Textile Technology magazine editor in the thinking and recommendations of the technological progress of China's textile industry [2000.1], referred to the equipment using high technology to transform traditional textile equipment now used in the cotton textile enterprises are seven or eight 10-year generation production equipment, these devices in terms of the mechanical condition can still be used for quite some time, all the updates recently is not possible, but its part of the electric drive transformation is entirely feasible. Equipment of the two processes of carding, roving the implementation of frequency conversion transformation, for example. A 50000 scale of production of cotton spinning enterprises, carding process to configure the devices 80, the roving process to configure the device 20. Carding machine for the 186D or A186F type transform Fee A with about 28 million, but the inverter technological transformation process to cancel the electromagnetic clutch, 2 contactors, as well as intermediate relays and rectifiers. These electrical materials savings of about 1000 yuan, the effective protection of the Astoria motor, the Astoria transmission gear train, and reduce the failure rate, and reduce maintenance costs, so that every single can save the material cost of 1200 yuan, and 80 can save 96,000 yuan. By simple calculation, the payback period of 4.35 years, total investment return rate of 22.97%. Frequency Converter Technique of roving machine also has a good price. Roving process all transformation costs of $ 22 million savings reactors, contactors, time relays, electromagnetic clutches, material consumption.


AC variable speed technology in the cotton textile equipment is necessary, promote the use of traditional cotton equipment is feasible. Smaller AC frequency conversion technology is now serving in the cotton textile equipment. Here are many factors: First, the currently running device is mostly played by the seventies and eighties, but this new technology has not yet been applied to the cotton textile industry in recent years, poor efficiency, there is no ability to apply this new technology, equipment selection, to give up because of the spread factor, the introduction of new technology equipment; poor level of management and maintenance of power do not dare to choose the equipment of high technical content. Along with social progress and technological development and accession to the WTO, we must improve our existing equipment level of the cotton textile equipment, increase in technical content, and to increase the cotton yarn, cloth's competitiveness in the international market. Therefore, AC variable speed, high-tech will be widely used in the cotton textile equipment.