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Activated carbons solutions for water treatment industry - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

Water. One of the world’s most precious resources for drinking, irrigation or industrial processes. The supply of clean, fresh water continues to be more and more constrained as populations rise and water demands grow on our planet. Activated carbon is one of the best technologies available for improving water quality. Jacobi’s AquaSorb range of activated carbon is specifically designed for use in liquid phase adsorption systems.

Drinking Water Purification
Activated carbon plays a vital role in the process of providing safe, wholesome drinking water. Whether the driver for treatment is aesthetic (taste and odour components such as methyl isoborneol and geosmin), regulatory (VOCs, TOC, Disinfection By-Product Precursors), or emerging (Pharmaceuticals, Cyanotoxins), Jacobi can supply the needed carbon for the service., AquaSorb™ grades for drinking water treatment include our 1000 series, 6000 series, and C series granular activated carbons (GAC), and our CB-MW Series (Americas region) or MP Series (Europe and Asia regions) powdered activated carbons (PAC).

Effluent Water Treatment
Effluent water is often difficult to characterise, with dissolved organic compounds (often referred to as COD) and traces of toxic materials disguising the real source of the pollutant. Granular or powdered AquaSorb™ grade carbons are a common technique for effluent treatment, typically following biological treatment techniques, flocculation, and mechanical filtration. Common grades include AquaSorb™ 80 or AquaSorb™ 90 (granular) or AquaSorb™ CP series or MP series (powdered). The carbon acts to adsorb residual COD and toxic materials prior to discharge. Jacobi can assist in assessment of the correct grade of carbon and preparation of testing and deployment of pilot equipment.

Aquarium Filters
Activated carbon has been used as a filtration medium for fish aquariums for decades. Jacobi’s produces highly specialised AquaSorb™ 5000 series or HXC product grades for this market with a wide spectrum of adsorption properties and low phosphate content.

Process Water: Brewing & Bottling
The water supplied by local municipalities invariably meets the standard requirements for human consumption. But quality is incompatible with the demands of the beverage industry by creating off-tastes, exceedance of food standards, or damage to equipment during use. Jacobi is mindful of the upstream and downstream impacts and can assist in the specification of materials of high purity and minimal effect on process conditions. Jacobi’s AquaSorb™ C series, H series, and 1000 series carbons provide for effective dechlorination, organic contaminant removal, and taste and odour reduction, and our AquaSorb™ CX-MCA is the industry standard for the catalytic decomposition of chloramine.

Swimming Pool Filters
Oxidising agents such as ozone are applied in swimming pools but can be readily eliminated in relatively short contact times using granular activated carbon. The use of AquaSorbTM CR in fixed beds to remove ozone overdose is commonplace. Our AquaSorb™ CP1 is used in powder-based systems for the removal of residual low molecular weight organics generated by the action of adding ozone to the water.