Add-On Refill Me! – the app - Oil, Gas & Refineries - Oil

For the first time, Oil & Gas companies can now offer their customers an app – “Refill Me!” This mobile application was developed by Implico. The app for the iPhone makes it possible for end consumer to play an active role in the delivery process by providing them with all the information they need about their current consumption. At the same time, the app enables dealers to automatically manage their resources – and improve their customer service.


“Refill Me!” tells users how much of each product they have left in each tank. The consumption curve shows them when the last delivery took place and when the next one is due. Armed with this knowledge, the customer can then use the second, interactive function to place an order to be sent directly to the dealer’s SAP system. The app shows the current price and arranges for delivery of the order quantity as soon as the customer confirms the order.

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The app “Refill Me!” gives your end consumers the benefits of information and interaction while your company benefits from improved customer focus, optimized transport chains and increased delivery quantities.