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Lohmann GmbH & Co.KG

Adhesive technology solution for transportation industry - Aerospace & Air Transport

The adhesive all-rounders for the automotive industry. Lohmann: the development partner and motor for your success. Today, building vehicles is more complex than ever. The reasons are manifold: on one hand the enormous increase in customer demand for quality, design and comfort, on the other, the search for innovative materials, new manufacturing technologies and more efficient processes for manufacturers and suppliers.

Good to know that high-end adhesive solutions make an important contribution and increasingly represent an alternative to screws and clips. Thanks to their enormous flexibility, adhesive bonds adapt perfectly to a wide variation of designs to ensure reliable fixing. In addition, adhesive tapes fulfil many practical supplementary features. Thus vehicles are becoming lighter, virtually vibration-free, and quieter. No wonder that today, an automobile contains on average about 4.5 m² of tape.

What our customers value about Lohmann: With each new adhesive solution, we have the whole process in mind. Which specific requirements are placed on the tape? Is a roll required, an efficient spool or a high-precision die-cut? On which substrates should be bonded? How can we find a particularly efficient solution for automation? These are just some of the questions whose answers are important to us from the outset. We focus on one single goal: to find the perfect adhesive solution for your application.

Convince yourself of our know-how and get to know a partner who achieves more for you.