Arktis Radiation Detectors Ltd.

Advanced integrated detection solutions for recycling & manufacturing sector - Waste and Recycling

Radioactive sources entering the supply chain can cause major health risks to both the general population as well as employees of recycling and manufacturing facilities. Reliable radiation detection of such materials is essential to reduce these risks.

To prevent radioactive elements from entering waste management facilities, all inbound material must be scanned. Radiation portal monitors for incinerator plants are best suited to fulfill this task.

The legal requirements in the field of radiation protection are currently being extended and tightened worldwide. These stringent regulations require companies to have a deeper understanding of a field that is unrelated to their actual business. Meanwhile, improper evaluation of radioactive materials can jeopardize business productivity.

Arktis ensures that companies remain compliant with current radiation laws and regulations while providing support services to allow business operations to run at maximum efficiency.

The combination of alarm categorization, an intuitive user interface, and direct data upload to a remote expert team reduces false alarms by up to 90%. This serves to keep the operation of radiological measurement and assessment of incidents at a minimum.  Arktis' open system architecture also allows companies to adapt to changing requirements.

Screening incoming goods at recycling and manufacturing facilities such as incinerator plants, steel mills and in general Waste to Energy facilities.