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Advanced water treatment controller solutions for ultima potable water sector - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

Experience fresh and safe water using Ultima PF controllers. Water is essential for life. Our bodies are made up of 80% water; hence water is one of the main components we need to function in a healthy manner. Water disinfection can be attained by means of chemical disinfectants which should not only kill microorganisms, but also must leave a residual effect in order to keep them active in the water after disinfection. Aquarius Ultima PF controller (UPF) provides powerful and consistent control on the residual of the disinfectant in the system ensuring microorganisms are destroyed or deactivated and their growth or reproduction is terminated.

As an extra measure Ultima PF is capable of applying an additional control of the water prior to entering large water tanks, ensuring the highest level of disinfection from the very start. This function can apply a disinfection step at the end of the water purification process, in order to protect the water from microbiological contamination in the water distribution system.

The 7” colour touch screen together with the simple and user friendly navigation of Ultima makes it an excellent choice for operators in remote locations with any level of skill to control the disinfection of their drinking water to the highest standard.

Ultima PF incorporates a combination of disinfection procedures in order to provide consistent control on the disinfection of potable water tanks through pre-chlorination of water prior to entering the tanks and monitoring of disinfectant residual in the tank. Multiple choices of Free Available Chlorine and ORP ensure supply of clean and fresh drinking water.

Ultima PF is designed with electrical safety in mind. There is no need for a certified electrician during normal installation and operation of the controller. Ultima PF also includes control logic with safety options for operating with chemicals.

Ultima PF provides comprehensive disinfection control on small water tanks through continual monitoring of disinfectant residual in the water. Simple yet advanced functions of Ultima allow user friendly navigation.

Ultima SP includes options for dual disinfectant control (ORP and FAC probes). It provides options for using any types of disinfectant supply equipment (Chlorinators, liquid and granular Chlorine dosing, Bromine or Ozone dispensers, etc.)

Each component can be fitted with back-up equipment to maintain water quality during periods of heavy use or in the event of primary equipment failure.

Ultima PF provides built in timers to control supplementary equipment to water tanks with 6 flexible easily programmable timers.

when pH control is required, Ultima PF combines very accurate control logic for pH correction with multiple options for acid and/or CO2 dosing.

Pre-Chlorination function of Ultima PF applies pre-disinfection to the water entering large tanks ensuring the disinfection process is less affected by the tank hydraulics