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Advanced water treatment controller solutions for ultima waste water sector - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

Waste water treatment is a multi-stage process to neutralise or disinfect wastewater to within regulatory requirements before it is released into the environment. Considering the wide range of waste water streams and associated difficulties, the control system must be reliable, flexible and with a comprehensive range of functions to be activated for each individual treatment requirement.

Ultima Trade Waste controller (UTD) is professionally designed to provide a wide range of control functions for monitoring of trade waste treatment systems through 13 outputs. This highly sophisticated controller allows the customisation of new functions by including extra probes to enhance each individual system.

The 7” colour touch screen together with the simple and user friendly navigation of Ultima makes it an excellent choice for operators in remote locations with any level of skill to control their waste water treatment systems to the highest standard.

Ultima TD includes flexible options for disinfectant control using ORP and Free Available Chlorine probes.

Ultima TD combines very accurate control logic for pH correction with multiple options for acid and/or CO2 dosing. The pH back up function allows dual pH control between two limits.

Each component can be fitted with back-up equipment to maintain waste water quality during periods of heavy use or in the event of primary equipment failure.

Ultima TD provides built in timers to control supplementary equipment to water tanks with 6 flexible easily programmable timers.

Ultima TD is designed with electrical safety in mind. There is no need for a certified electrician during normal installation and operation of the controller. Ultima TD also includes control logic with safety options for operating with chemicals.

Ultima provides a wide range of functions to allow using any types of disinfectant supply equipment including pumps, granular dosing, Chlorinators, Bromine or Ozone dispensers etc. It also includes functions for waste water pre-treatment allowing for any further treatment when required.