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Aerosol and particle technology for operational safety industries - Health and Safety - Workplace Safety

During the production, the conveyance and the filling of solid particles in the form of powders, bulk materials, granulates, pellets and many other shapes, dust is generated as a rule. This dust formation can lead to an impairment of the operational safety and the reliability of the production process, e. g. by means of inhalable dust fractions. The workplace hygiene can also be endangered, e. g. through dust accumulations.

But dust formation means also environmental pollution and last but not least production loss. The first essential step for the avoidance of unwanted dust formation is the dust measurement after the materials' free fall and impact.

With the fully automated dust measuring device DustView the user disposes of a compact and robust device in order to test and compare the dust behavior of the above-mentioned materials in the laboratory.

The DustView provides a fast and accurate measurement of even smallest dusty parts which are released after the materials' free fall and impact.