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In the field of inhalation research it is necessary to characterize unambiguously the inhalable aerosols regarding particle size distribution and concentration.

The scattered light spectrometer Inas® has been especially developed for the inhalation research as well as the quality assurance of nebulizers and inhalers. With Inas® the size distribution and the concentration of sprays can be determined in a quick, easy and reliable manner. Particles can be measured in the range of approx. 200 nm – 40 µm with high particle size resolution and temporally resolved. Even with spray bursts of inhalers a temporally resolution can also be of great interest. For this reason this system provides a temporally resolution of 10 ms.

Thus, for example, it is possible to evaluate the particle size distribution of a spray burst at the beginning and the end of the spray burst.

Our powder dispersion system RBG 1000 and the spark generator GFG 1000 have been particularly proven themselves for inhalation tests.