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Our Auxiliary Power Unit (PEJ/APU) and Environmental Control Systems (ECS) are used by aeroplane and helicopter manufacturers all over the world. The successful products of the company also include the range of Main Power Units – turbine, turboprop and turboshaft engines for small manned and unmanned airplanes and helicopters. We provide also subdeliveries for the aerospace industry, for example electroplating, precision casting of guide wheels and blades of gas combustion turbines for aircraft engines, or precision machining. The testing laboratory, where final products are tested, is an important part of the aerospace programme. The production process is controlled by the quality system according to AS 9100, ISO 14 001 and ISO 9001.


One of the key activities of our aerospace programme is the development and manufacture of a small gas combustion turbine, which is the basis of power units and driving units. The auxiliary power units produced by our company are based on small gas turbine with max. output up to 100 kW. These units are used in many airplane and helicopter applications.

Various types are designed according to the customer requirements and operate as sources of pressure air for main engine starting turbines (the simplest variants) up to the combined delivery of pressure air, electricity and hydraulics (most complex variants). The complex variants can partially substitute power supply in emergencies, for example in case of main engine outage, and they can also be used to power on-board equipment during pre-flight preparation.


Our Environmental Control Systems are designed to maintain comfort temperatures in cockpits, cabins and cargo areas of airplanes and helicopters when on the ground and in all flight modes. We design, manufacture and test our Environmental Control Systems according to the requirements and specifications of our customers.

Each system is aircraft-specific to ensure compatibility with the main aircraft engine providing pressure air for the ECS. 

The helicopter version uses air from the Safír 5 K/G-MI Auxiliary Power Unit integrated in the helicopter, or its combination with the helicopter's main engine.

Thanks to the use of pneumatic control eliminating the need for complex electronic control and power supply from the on-board network, all units offer excellent simplicity and reliability.


We deliver many aircraft engines to the most demanding world markets. TJ100 turbojet engine for small manned and unmanned aircraft with a guaranteed thrust of 1000 to 1300 N, smaller TJ 40 engine for gliders and big R/C model aircraft and the smallest turbojet engine TJ 20 with a thrust of 210 N. Customers also appreciate the newly developed turboprop and turboshaft engines with an output up to 180 kW, which are designed for small aeroplanes and helicopters as well as for unmanned airplanes and helicopters. With their power-to-weight ratio, the turbine engines of PBS Velká Bíteš enjoy privileged position in the world.


The Aircraft Technique Division is continuously extending its production base to improve the quality and parameters of its products. In recent years, with support from EU funds, we have bought and implemented the production technologies:
1. Gear grinding and measuring
2. Application of special coats
3. Heat treatment and soldering in vacuum
Part of the capacity of these production technologies is offered to our customers.