Bioconservacion SA

Air filtration and gas purification solutions for industries - Manufacturing, Other

Within the industrial sector there are specific installations which should pay maximum attention to the protection of their control rooms against corrosion. This is because their activities generate highly corrosive gasses which need to be eliminated in case they affect the functioning of critical electrical equipment. This corrosion compromises the efficiency and safety and can affect the production process itself.

The industrial activities most susceptible to these problems and where the solutions provided by Bioconservation are most beneficial are:

  • Petrochemical and Refineries
  • Paper Industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Mining
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical
  • Gas treatment

After a long experience in air filtration and gas absorption, our mission is to provide clean and safe solutions that meet the expectations of a better air quality in order to obtain certain benefits 

  • Prevent corrosion damage
  • Extending the useful life of electronic and sensitive equipment
  • Avoid costly stops and maintenance operations
  • Reduce unpleasant odors
  • Maintain the levels of gaseous pollutants within the required environmental standards
  • Protect people

The philosophy of Bioconservation is always to offer the best solution, with technical and innovative proposals to the different problems. For this we have an action protocol that we adapt to the particular needs of each client and each casuistry to   ensure that our clients benefit before, during and after the installation of the filtration system :

  • Analysis of Air Quality and problems to solve
  • Study and recommendation of the best solution for each case
  • Test installation to simulate the actual application conditions
  • Custom calculation of average life expectancy
  • Evaluation services and continuous monitoring in our laboratory
  • Design and dimensioning of filtration equipment
  • Logistics and reliable post sales
  • Advice on treatment of used socks