Bioconservacion SA

Air filtration and gas purification solutions for municipal - Waste and Recycling - Municipal Waste

The needs to purify the water coming from human consumption are becoming more numerous, before being discharged to natural ecosystems, in wastewater treatment plants. It also increases the need for solid waste treatment in landfills to minimize environmental impact.

In this type of facilities, WWTPs and landfills, the problems that may arise are generated, mainly, by the presence of high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, although other pollutants may also appear, generating problems such as:

  • Corrosion
  • smells
  • Elimination of pollutants in the generated biogas (mainly siloxanes and hydrogen sulfide)

 The philosophy of Bioconservation is always to offer the best solution, with technical and innovative proposals to the different problems. For this we have an action protocol that we adapt to the particular needs of each client and each casuistry to ensure that our clients benefit before, during and after the installation of the filtration system:

  • Analysis of Air Quality and problems to solve
  • Study and recommendation of the best solution for each case
  • Test installation to simulate the actual application conditions
  • Custom calculation of average life expectancy
  • Evaluation services and continuous monitoring in our laboratory
  • Design and dimensioning of filtration equipment
  • Logistics and reliable post sales
  • Advice on treatment of used socks