Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Air pollution control for the automotive industry - Automobile & Ground Transport

Anguil`s engineering expertise has led to numerous successful air pollution control and emission control installations in the automotive manufacturing industry. From painting vehicles to engine test stations and tire manufacturing, we have supplied oxidizers and heat recovery systems to both tier 1 and tier 2 automotive plants.

For instance, testing engines at the end of an assembly line for quality control introduces emission treatment challenges that Anguil Environmental has effectively addressed.  We have thermal and catalytic oxidizers installed on both continuous and intermittant engine test stations for some of the largest automotive makers in the world. Variable air streams with unique emission content and collection plenums are just some of Anguil's areas of abatement expertise.

Anguil oxidation technologies are also utilized for treatment of overspray from paint booths and patinting operations. The high volume, low concentration conditions are often ideal for our emission concentrator and regenerative thermal oxidizer solutions. With multiple installations in the field, we've got the experience you can trust.