Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Air pollution control for the chemical processing industry - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals - Fine Chemicals

Anguil thermal and catalytic oxidizer systems are used on various applications throughout the chemical processing industry for emission abatement. Our experience includes applications on tank vents, amine tail gases, API separators, acid gases, inert streams and more. Regulatory Compliance Guaranteed, Seamless Process Integration, Efficient Destruction Technologies, Advanced System Controls.

You can rely on Anguil to understand your chemical process and to choose the system most appropriate for your application. Some benefits of working with Anguil include:

Process Emission Evaluation. Determining process flows and VOC/HAP concentrations can be very challenging in Chemical Plant operations. Anguil is capable of assisting in the evaluation of process emission streams to help determine; mass balance, oxygen content, and LEL levels. Our understanding of your process ensures high destruction rate efficiency while maintaining low operating costs.

Proper oxidation technology selection. Multiple oxidizer technologies allow us to handle any airflow volume from the smallest tank vent to the largest operations. Often times, a chemical plant operation will have emissions from a continuous process, at the same time batch operations require treatment. Selecting an oxidation technology that can handle both process emission conditions is critical.

PLC-based controls. Designed to operate independently or interface with your DCS system for constant safety monitoring.

Efficient destruction of halogenated & chlorinated compounds. Anguil has installed hundreds of secondary scrubber systems to treat the acids that can form from the oxidation of halogenated compounds. These scrubbers are integrated with the oxidizer to provide a complete system solution.

Experience with special materials of construction. Corrosion can often be a concern with oxidation equipment. Anguil has the experience to select the proper materials of construction for a long-lasting solution, our engineering expertise includes significant metallurgy capabilities.

Adjustable system design. Allows for custom fuel design or electrical requirements.

With countless installations and a long history within the chemical industry, we have the necessary experience to handle any application. Trust Anguil with your air pollution control project. Our understanding of the Miscellaneous Organic NESHAP and other compliance regulations is something the competition can't offer you.