Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Air pollution control for the coating industry - Metal

Whether you are flow coating miniblinds, magnetic tape, aluminum cans, coils, wire or paper, Anguil`s 35 years of pollution control experience has provided unique insight into the wide variety of applications in the coating industry. Anguil`s experience leads directly to savings for our customers. Determining your solution begins by quantifying the problem with a thorough assessment of your emissions. Utilizing proven principles of design engineering, your system will evolve to incorporate air volume reduction strategies to reduce system size, meaning a reduction in both capital and operating costs. This can be achieved by recirculating the air in drying ovens or by cascading areas of lower VOC concentration to areas of higher VOC concentration.

Our technology breadth and application knowledge allow us to address your specific process concerns. Anguil systems are designed to efficiently treat both continuous and batch production runs. In addition, a high turndown ratio is designed into our systems to allow for efficient treatment of single or multiple emission points.