Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Air pollution control for the food and bakery industry - Food and Beverage

Anguil`s Food and Bakery industry experience provides reliable solutions for your emission control challenges. We have worked on a wide range of applications: achieving a high destruction level of ethanol from bakery ovens, chaff and particulate from coffee roasting, efficiently destroying grease from frying and rendering operations, handling smoke house emissions, and maintaining required opacity and odor levels from confectionery and gum manufacturing.

In the bakery industry for example, Anguil has perfected methods for feeding multiple oven exhausts into a single control device without affecting the 'bake'. We have experience with both direct and indirect fired ovens and the engineering implications of handling the exhaust from each. In many cases, Anguil's detailed process analysis of hood exhaust has saved companies tens of thousands of dollars.  Our Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizers and Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer are very poplular with baking operations.  

On many applications within the food industry we recommend stainless steel construction to combat corrosion issues associated with high humidity from many of the processes.  When dealing with high levels of grease, oil and particulate we can utilize our patented Self-Cleaning Ceramic Filter (SCCF) in conjunction with an oxidizer or as a stand-alone pollution control device.  

Our thorough knowledge of your process leads to higher destruction efficiencies, lower operating costs and a more reliable pollution control system.