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Air pollution control for the paint and paint spray industry - Paint

In addition to tightened government regulations, paint manufacturers and paint booth owners face several unique challenges when controlling their emissions. These challenges include airflow reduction, fugitive emissions, particulate control and reducing operating costs.

Determining your solution begins by quantifying the problem with a thorough assessment of your emissions. Utilizing proven principles of design engineering, your system will incorporate air volume reduction strategies to reduce capital and operational costs. By decreasing the exhaust volume from the process we significantly lower the capital and running costs of the oxidizer, leading to direct savings for your facility.

Pre-filtration is another consideration when dealing with paint fumes. Understanding your process allows Anguil to solve difficult capture problems and eliminate fugitive emissions. Our product breadth ensures that you have the most efficient emission control system, effectively processing particulates as part of the solution.

We provide a wide range of emission control solutions for paint spray as well as paint manufacturing operations. Our engineering expertise guarantees a cost-effective, compliant system whether you are treating emissions from a single paint booth with 1,000 SCFM (1577 Nm3/Hr) of exhaust volume or an automobile paint spray operation at 300,000 SCFM (473,130 Nm3/Hr).

Anguil's 1,600 installations and years of experience in the paint industry have provided us the necessary knowledge to understand your process and design a long-lasting emission control solution.