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Air pollution control for the petroleum processing and petrochemical industries - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals - Petrochemical

The petroleum processing and petrochemical industries place a large emphasis on engineering quality, safety and reliabiliy. With our extensive experience on various processes in these industries, Anguil is the perfect partner to meet these concerns.

Historically, oil refineries and producers have used flares or vapor combustors for emission and tail gas treatment.  The applications where these are applied range from API (American Petroleum Industry) separators, sulfur recovery systems, wet wells, tank venting or barge loading and unloading. 

Anguil has supplied various combustion and oxidizer technologies for effective, efficient destruction of the air toxins from petroleum refineries. 

Our experience installing equipment in this industry provides customers with extra assurance, backed up by a high standard of supporting documents. Contact us for more information on our oxidation technologies and our reference list.