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A single-source supplier for HVAC and filtration solutions for buildings and facilities. Common Commercial Air Problems: Managers of large office buildings today are searching for ways to lower energy costs, improve indoor air quality, and lower a building’s environmental impact. The same is true of those responsible for school, university, healthcare, health club, and hospitality facilities.

Part of the answer is to purify the ventilation air along with the return air before it enters the air-handling unit. Placing a Total Spectrum air purifier in line ahead of the air-handling unit means that every time air returns for conditioning it is purified as well. If the air is clean, it is healthier for all occupants—whether school children or corporate executives.

Our Total Spectrum air purification system is the complete solution because it removes PM2.5 particles. atmospheric particulate matter (PM) that have a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers, which is about 3% the diameter of a human hair, and a great concern for human health.


Some common contaminants have unpleasant odors that offend guests. Sources may be either outside or inside the facility. Bad odors can cause loss of business, complaints, and unhappy employees or guests. Finding the source and removing or correcting it should be the first action. If that is not enough then see the solution below.

Solution: Diagnose the sources and gases and then install the right solution for the budget.

If the odors are occasional or low level, replacing a standard, pleated filter with a ProGuard Filter can be the easiest solution.

If the facility already has a carbon tray housing, then replacing spent carbon with a ProGuard Media designed to remove the range of offending gases can make things much better.

If there is no solution currently in place, then a ProMark side-access housing can be installed in front of the air-handling unit with the right filters and chemical media to address almost any situation.