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Air purification solutions for corrosion control industry - Manufacturing, Other

Problem: Wastewater processes create gaseous by-products that corrode sensitive electronic components. Wastewater plants are notable for their rotten egg odor, caused by hydrogen sulfide. H2S is highly corrosive to electrical systems and electronics throughout a plant. Factor in aging equipment and infrastructure, and the resultant decrease in uptime, and costly repairs or replacements, harms the bottom line.

Solution: Ongoing Monitoring, the right modules and the correct equipment.
Control rooms and switch gear rooms need air scrubbers with ProGuard media that removes H2S, SOx, and NOx. Bulk-fill scrubbers are ideal because they have the most media coupled with slow airflow, which removes the gases effectively and last a long time.

The most critical rooms also need a recirculation and pressurization air scrubber to maintain low levels of corrosion.