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Air purification solutions for education sector - University / Academia / Research

Common Indoor Air Quality Problems in Schools: For the most part, schools are located in close proximity to the students. Students are driven to schools either on a bus or by a parent in a vehicle. Therefore, in the morning and after school there are high air pollution levels. If the school is near a manufacturing plant, a highway, a wastewater treatment plant, an airport, or other source of air pollution, the kids breath it in. Schools are chronically stretched for money and air quality is assumed to be good enough when ventilation guidelines are met.


Problem: The air contains millions of microorganisms and air pollutants

Think of all the places where germs abound. Daycare centers, schools, doctors’ offices, universities, and assisted-living facilities are among the most common. The air we breathe and share with other people contains millions of microorganisms.

Some are so small that, if you lined up a thousand of them end to end, they would fit across the end of a pencil eraser. Even smaller viruses are basically capsules that invade the cells in your body. Some fungi can cause illness.

Vehicular exhaust and industrial air pollutants are common in schools.

Solution: The correct equipment, the right filter and correct filtration media.

Total Spectrum® air purification handles all expected pollutants near schools as well as what is generated inside the school. Young children are germ factories, spreading them everywhere they go. The presence of a cafeteria adds odors as well. Total Spectrum® air purification destroys all of those air pollutants extremely economically due to low operating costs. Its pathogen destruction helps lower absenteeism and number of trips to the school nurse. And it helps boost the productivity of students, teachers, and staff.