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Air purification solutions for paper mills industry - Pulp & Paper

Problem: During manufacturing, harmful chemical by-products are released into the air. The odor common to paper mills is sulfur dioxide, but the bleaching process can also release chlorine. These pollutants create corrosion and irreversible damage to such critical electronic components as integrated circuits, control panels, pin connectors, and heavy-duty electrical switches. Corrosion damage accounts for nearly 40 percent of equipment failures in industrial applications. Down time for a mill is very costly, so operators must work to prevent corrosion on critical components.

Solution: Recirculation, the right scrubber and the correct media
The first step is pressurizing a room with air that has been scrubbed of all corrosive gases and particulates. But even with one of our scrubbers aided by positive pressurization, it is best to have a room air scrubber indoors to constantly circulate the air and scrub it of gases and particles. This is the only way to ensure that the air stays clean, especially when people walk in and out carrying corrosive gases on them. To that end, we provide a bulk-fill scrubber or a deep-bed scrubber for multiple gases to provide pressurization and an RP room recirculation scrubber in each critical area of the building.