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Air purification solutions for transportation industry - Aerospace & Air Transport

Ironically, transit facilities such as airports, bus stations, and train stations are threatened by vehicle exhaust, road dust, crowds of people, and high levels of traffic. The soot from diesel exhausts consists of tiny particles that get caught in lungs and can cause health problems. Partially burned fuels contain carcinogenic hydrocarbons. Inside airports, for example, there are food courts, round-the-clock cleaning operations, and outside air pollution entering with the ventilation air. Some airports have smoking rooms that may pollute the rest of the terminal with second-hand smoke.

Problem: Vehicular pollutants and unpleasant odors
Aircraft emissions, passenger vehicles, and airport service vehicles contribute significantly to the abundance of vaporous pollutants and unpleasant odors found in terminals and control towers.

Solution: The best solution is Total Spectrum air purification in a side access housing attached to all the HVAC units.
Total Spectrum air purification destroys virtually all pathogens, volatile organics such as fuels, cleaning chemicals, and food-cooking odors using Dynamic Chemistry. Since the Total Spectrum air purification system can remove 4,000+ chemicals to lower than outside air levels, it is the ideal choice for places with so many sources of air pollutants. The fact that it can regenerate the activated carbon and keeps it at high capacity for organics adsorption means it always operates at peak efficiency. The activated carbon will stay active for between 7 and 10 years before needing replacing.