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Air Purification System for healthcare Industry - Health Care

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are where people go to when their immune systems are at their weakest. Their bodies may be fighting a flu virus or cancer or have open wounds making them extremely vulnerable. This is no time for pathogens to be wafting about in the air and HVAC systems. One virus or bacterium landing on an open wound can cause an infection that could be life threatening or cause an otherwise successful operation to go very badly for the patient.

Hospitals and healthcare are tightly regulated by multiple accreditation organizations. Regulators write, update, add guidelines and restrictions on hospital activities and tie successful compliance to regulated activities to reimbursement. For instance, the U.S. government tracks the number of hospital-associated infections, and whether patients must be readmitted with such infections. When a hospital-associated infection occurs, the hospital is fined. These add up to millions of dollars per year. Further, insurance companies have stopped reimbursing hospitals for these readmissions.

Hospital Air Filtration

Problem: Good air quality in a hospital is essential to patient health and affects patient outcomes

Hospitals strive for good air quality and good maintenance practices, but outbreaks of Legionnaires disease still occur and people die. There is a way to significantly reduce these risks and create a healthy environment for employees, patients, and visitors.

Solution: Total Spectrum air purification destroys pathogens, VOCs, and fine particles when part of an HVAC air-conditioning system.

Total Spectrum air purification is the only solution available today that addresses all of the air quality issues in a hospital or other healthcare facility. By destroying pathogens, VOCs, and allergens, Total Spectrum air purification is capable of significantly cutting down the incidence of hospital-associated infections. The Dynamic Chemistry component of Total Spectrum air purification attacks organic molecules of pathogens, breaking them down to water and carbon dioxide. Pathogen molecules cannot replicate or linger in the HVAC system and are thus prevented from infecting patients and staff.

Sensitive medical diagnostic equipment like CT scanners, MRIs, and X-ray machines have electronic controls and systems that are vulnerable to corrosive gases. As with industrial control rooms, when air around these precision systems is corrosive, they can fail or lose accuracy.

A recirculation and pressurization scrubber can solve these problems by maintaining a Class G1 environment as specified by the Instrument Society of America. Constant air recirculation through a series of particle filters and one or two stages of ProGuard Media is a simple and effective way to ensure that the expensive medical diagnostic equipment remains operational and accurate.