Diuk Arches

Aircraft Hangars

These lightweight & durable buildings are designated for Airplanes Hangars. They have some significant advantages: ■ Wide & obstacle-free space ■ Fast deployment (you can erect your structure before winter) ■ Weather-proof! ■ Long lasting - 20 years warranty against corrosion


Custom aircraft hangars for both airplans storage and aircraft repair at a competitive price. 
You can be sure that your plane or helicopter is protected from damaging weather elements by one of our tough steel hangars.

1. Reliability and Professionalism – Our aim to provide you excellent metal arched building, base on years of experience, along with high standards of engineering, production and Quality control.
Hundreds of satisfied customers all over the world are testimony to this.

2. “Value for money” : Winning combination of  competitive prices with high quality

  • Diuk’s steel buildings are made from Aluzinc: durable, tough and corrosion-resistant material.
  • We provide 20 years warranty against corrosion
  • resistance to all weather conditions and weather extremes
  • To withstand wind and snow loads, the arches are made of 3 optional thickness (0.76 mm, 1.00 mm, 1.20 mm)

3. Simple and Fast Assembly– Save  thousands of dollars in construction labor

  • Diuk’s steel buildings are made of profiled sections, which fit together and connected by screws
  • You can build the arch steel building yourself
  • Low cost of building foundations (just concrete strip)

4. Full usage of inner space – You can get up to 30m span without columns and beams.

5. Maintenance Free – With Diuk’s arched building , unlike other storage solutions, there are no extra costs of maintenance

Whatever your needs may be, Diuk Arches offers 100% proven product.
When you order from Diuk Arches, you know you’re getting the very best: excellence, quality and value for your money.