LG Sonic

Algae control in lakes - Water and Wastewater

“If you need a method to control algae in lakes or on other large water surfaces without chemicals the LG Sonic technology is your solution. 1 LG Sonic device controls algae in a range of 200 meters, nearly maintenance free and on without causing any harm to the ecosystem present”

Controls algae in lakes

The LG Sonic technology combines strength, safety and efficiency in one product to control algae in large lakes. Blue-green algae are known to cause serious health problems and make recreational use of a lake nearly impossible. This can be controlled efficiently with the LG Sonic® products. Furthermore green algae, whether filamentous or suspended, are affected by the LG Sonic technology.

Effective on large water surfaces

The Lp-Bs technology enables the LG Sonic® products to efficiently control algae with a range of 186 meter with a power consumption of just 10 Watt. For larger lakes, the professional biologists from LG Sound can assist you with a detailed plan to install several devices for an optimal water treatment.

Beneficial to its environment

The LG Sonic technology controls algae but is safe for humans, animals, waterplants and insects. Using the LG Sonic in a lake, the natural balance between all these life forms will be restored leading to a healthier and more stable environment.

Solar power available

In lakes where a power source is not available the LG Sonic devices can be installed on a solar system. The technicians working for LG Sound can advice you on the best installation for your application.

Easy to install and maintain

The installation of the devices is easy and there is hardly any maintenance necessary.

Typical installation

1 LG Sonic device can control algae in a range up to 200 meters (650 ft). For larger lakes, multiple devices can be used. The specialised LG Sound team can advise you on the best installation within a lake.

Which product do I need?

LG Sonic XXL plus or XL plus