LG Sonic

Algae Control (Waste)Water treatment plants - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

The LG Sonic technology controls suspended and filamentous algae without killing beneficial bacteria in (Waste)Water treatment plants.

Controls algae

Algal growth in clarifiers, sand filters or filter basins can be controlled without using chemicals. LG Sound provides special industrial models to control the growth of filamentous and suspended algae in water treatment plants.

Improves sludge reduction

The LG Sonic technology does not harm bacteria in charge of sludge reduction. Various studies have proven that the LG Sonic technology combined with a bacterial treatment of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria leads to a faster sludge reduction.

Better interaction between both solids and bacteria

A higher interaction surface between dissolved solids and bacteria can be established in DAF or flocculation tanks using the ultrasound produced by the LG Sonic. Because LG Sonic does not harm the bacteria used, sludge reduction becomes more efficient.

Environmentally friendly

With the introduction of the Lp-Bs TechnologyTM, the LG Sonic devices have an increased strength and efficiency yet only use 10 Watt. Chemical treatment to prevent algal growth becomes hardly necessary and the treatment plants’ efficiency can be increased.

Typical installation in Algae Control (Waste)Water treatment plants

The LG Sonic product are installed within the clarifier, DAF tank or sand filters. Installation can be done within the reservoir itself and does not need to be done with a bypass or flow-through system increasing the efficiency of the product.