Alphastrut Ltd

Aluminium support solutions for offshore oil & gas - Oil, Gas & Refineries

The Alphastrut aluminium raised access flooring and cable management system was originally developed to reduce weight in the living quarters and local equipment room modules of offshore oil and gas platforms, and has been selected for a number of high-profile projects. Aluminium’s natural strength and low density, coupled with clever patent pending design solutions and choice of alloys, mean the Alphastrut system does the same job as traditional steel alternatives, but with a significant weight saving. Choosing Alphastrut will also save you both time and money. The system is designed for quick installation without the need for hot works, while the lightweight components are cheaper to ship.

Aluminium has a high level of resistance to the effects of sodium chloride and the Alphastrut product undergoes an anodising process to give it additional durability, so the system boasts a life expectancy in excess of 50 years in marine environments.

Alphastrut also manufactures a NORSOK-compliant aluminium handrail system, which has been used as safety railing in environments including outdoor walkways & stairwells and helidecks on offshore platforms.