Paques Technology B.V.

Anaerobic water purification systems for chemical and pharmaceutical - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

Many chemical and pharmaceutical plants strive to reduce their overall carbon and water footprint. Paques technologies support this aim through their low energy requirement, the production of green energy, and the recovery of valuable resources.

Every chemical and pharmaceutical process creates its own unique mix of by-products in effluents and gaseous streams that needs to be dealt with. To purify these and to recover resources, it requires tailor-made solutions grounded in a thorough understanding of production processes.

Paques technologies convert dissolved organic, nitrogenous, phosphorus and sulphur components from effluents and gases to resources like biogas, elemental sulphur and phosphate mineral. The treated water and gas meet stringent quality demands.

Paques has a broad experience ranging from the fine chemical to the petrochemical industry.

  • PTA (purified terephthalic acid) plants
  • Fibre and viscose production plants
  • Pharmaceutical plants

For the desulphurisation of natural/refinery gas, Paques works closely together with Shell.