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Anaerobic water purification systems for food industry - Food and Beverage - Food

Water sustainability has become a significant issue for FMCG companies. Many companies publish information on their water usage and are committed to reducing their carbon and water footprints. Paques’ technologies for treating water and gas can significantly contribute to this aim.

The food industry is incredibly varied, with many different types of effluent streams. In general, much water is used and wastewater often contains organic products, with possibly fats, oils and grease. In addition, some segments’ wastewater contains high levels of nitrogen and phosphate, which imposes increased discharge costs. These characteristics make biological wastewater treatment a very interesting option for the food industry.

Paques purification processes vary from end-of-pipe solutions to closed loop systems, using a combination of anaerobic treatment, aerobic treatment, filtration, ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis and UV radiation.

With over six hundred case references in the food industry, Paques has ample proof of its solid experience in advising the food industry to

  • Create renewable energy from wastewater
  • Reduce discharge costs whilst complying with environmental regulations
  • Recycle process and non-process water (e.g. water for steam boilers)
  • Reduce fresh water intake