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In the chemical field, ICP-AES is used for a broad range of analysis in order to manage trace amounts of hazardous metals in the manufacturing process, manage additive elements essential to the functionality of a product, and manage the environment of the entire factory. Therefore, it is desirable to have a robust, highly stable system able to reliably accept the injection of a broad variety of samples, regardless of the type of solvent (aqueous/organic) or the presence of matrices. It is also important to simplify processes and reduce costs, which enhances the productivity of daily quality control work.

  • The vertical orientation of the torch, which reduces memory effects, ensures stable analysis results even for samples with high concentrations of acids or salts, or for a variety of organic solvents.
  • With greatly enhanced usability, the latest software (ICPEsolution) makes everyday analysis even easier and simpler.
  • Shimadzu's proprietary features (Eco mode, Mini-torch system, and Vacuum spectrometer) result in greatly reduced consumption of argon gas.