Analytical and measuring instruments of chemicals - plastics, polymers, rubber analysis industry - Plastics & Resins

Plastics: As one of the largest manufacturing industries in the world, plastics play a major role in the lives of nearly everyone. Among countless contributions, plastics are used in the cars we drive, the computers we use, and the toys we buy for our children. To ensure the safety and reliability of these products, you need the highest quality instruments available. With Shimadzu, you`ll have access to our complete selection of physical testing and chemical analysis instrumentation to make sure your products are ready for the real world.

Whether a container for household products and foodstuffs to the inclusion in automobiles and electronic devices, polymers play an important role in the lives of virtually everyone. The assurance of the safety, quality, and reliability of your plastic products requires that you monitor every step of the development and manufacturing process. Shimadzu offers a complete selection of high-quality physical testing and chemical analysis instrumentation to ensure that your products meet the highest performance standards.

  • Evaluation of Rheology Properties
  • Evaluation of Thermal Properties
  • Evaluation of Additives & Harmful Materials
  • Material Evaluation, Quality Control, Research & Development
  • Physical Properties
  • Mass Evaluation
  • Mechanical Property Evaluation

Since its discovery, rubber has played a pivotal role in society. From something as simple as a pencil's eraser to the complexity of a vehicle's tires, rubber maintains its widespread use and value as a practical and flexible commodity. Whether natural rubber or a synthetic elastomer, it's imperative to conduct effective testing of rubber to ensure reliability and safety.

Shimadzu's superior instruments will help ensure the products you help develop meet the strictest safety and reliability standards.