Application package FLUXANA RAW Professional - Monitoring and Testing - Analytical Services

Fusion technology is ideal for analysing oxidic materials like minerals or raw materials. It performs with the highest precision possible in xrf sample preparation. However, many laboratories cannot specify exactly what material they have to analyse. Therefore FLUXANA has created a wide range oxidic application program to allow complete analysis of the unknown material. The concentration ranges and elements of interest can be adapted to customer needs. The raw professional kit e.g. can contain all parts to perform a complete raw material (oxidic materials) calibration with 21 elements for all kind of different materials: - Calibration set raw materials prepared from CRM and pure oxides as glass beads - Calibration work performed by FLUXANA expert 3 days on site - 3x drift monitors for xrf instrument - 8x control samples for validation - Flux If you combine our application packages with our sample preparation machines FLUXANA garanties the analytical performance of the package.