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Application package FLUXANA Slag - Monitoring and Testing - Analytical Services

This application package is a `ready to go` calibration kit for xrf instruments. The analysis of slags in the metal industry delivers important information about the production process. FLUXANA has developed a fusion slag method which allows the direct analysis of most common slags. Elements of interest and calibrated concentration ranges can be selected individually by the customer. The same application program can also be easily adapted to the analysis of different filter dusts (see CS-0023).

It can for example contain all parts to perform a complete slag analysis:

  • Calibration set Slags prepared from CRM and primary oxides as glass beads
  • Calibration work performed by FLUXANA expert 3 days on site
  • 3x drift monitors for xrf instrument
  • 5x control samples for validation
  • Flux

FLUXANA application packages include always the sample preparation method. All packages are running in our application laboratory. You are always free to send your samples for testing free of charge. If you combine our application packages with our sample preparation machines FLUXANA garanties the analytical performance of the package like a contract.