Bionomic Industries Inc.

Applications and Air Pollutants Removed for Marine Power Plants - Energy

Control of ship diesel engine emissions to meet MARPOL requirements for particulate ash and soot, sulfur dioxide and NOx. Special compact inline stack mounted space saving designs. Both open loop arrangements using sea water or closed loop using a range of chemical solutions.  Complete system offerings.

Series 7000 Venturi Scrubber - To control particulate emissions of ash and soot from diesel engines. Offers the highest removal efficiency.  With the automatic adjustable throat enables complete gas volume turndown capability for handling the exhaust from multiple engines. Maintains a constant back pressure. 

Series 9500 Spray Tower For low pressure drop and high removal efficiency on sulfur dioxide and moderate particulate removal. Open or closed loop circulation systems available for using sea water or chemical reagent, lime, magnesium or caustic. Can accommodate single or multiple engine exhausts. Special inline compact version enables in stack mounting for minimal duct runs and space savings. NOx treatment options include chemical wet scrubbing or SCR catalysts.