Bionomic Industries Inc.

Applications and Air Pollutants Removed in the Petroleum/Petrochemical Industry - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals - Petrochemical

Scrubbing of Hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and other organosulfur compounds from sour gas and other sources. Proprietary regenerative scrubbing chemistries for hydrogen sulfide removal with sulfur production. By-product production systems for producing sodium hydrosulfide (Nash) from hydrogen sulfide. Sulfur dioxide scrubbing. Recover catalyst dust from FCC units. HCL storage tank vent scrubbing. Removal of HCL and particulate from thermal oxidizers burning chlorinated plastics. Marine drilling platforms sulfur dioxide thermal oxidizer emissions.  Asphalt plant scrubbers and hydrogen sulfide emissions from holding tanks. Pilot plant scrubber systems for hydrogen sulfide. Removal of halogenated and sulfur bearing gaseous compounds from high temperature thermal oxidizers and drilling platforms waste. Well drilling hydrochloric acid storage tanks.

CycloPlus™- Highest collection efficiency for recovery of FCC catalyst dust in series arrangements.

Hi-T Scrub™ Quench/Scrubber Systems – Includes quencher with scrubber in a completely engineered package to quench and scrub HCL, SO2, halogens and other gaseous contaminants or particulate. Hi-T Scrub can also be used to recover acid gases or recover waste heat. 

Series 6500 Jet Venturi – Ideal scrubber for controlling particulate and acid gas emissions from the FCC regenerator. Creates its’ own draft to eliminate the need for a fan or high back pressure.

Series 7000 Venturi Scrubber - To control particulate emissions from a variety of sources. Offers the highest removal efficiency on submicron size particulate. With the automatic adjustable throat  option enables complete gas volume turndown capability for handling the exhaust from multiple sources. Maintains a constant back pressure. 

RotaBed™ - Our patented plug free fluidized bed device offers advantages over packed bed scrubbers when particulate of 2 microns in size and larger or when hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and other gaseous emissions or micron sized particulate is encountered. Also suggested when using chemical scrubbing reagent or when the scrubbing liquid contains entrained or scale forming solids that will plug packing. 

Series 9000 Preformed Spray Scrubber – A completely open low pressure drop design scrubber with no internal components to eliminate fouling. Control particulate and scrub out acid gases. Used to remove particulate 2 microns and larger in size.

ScrubPac™ VentClean™ - Specifically designed to control storage tank vent emissions.

ScrubPac™ Custom Skid Mounted Scrubber System - When a fully engineered package scrubber system solution is required for any scrubber type and emission. Reduces engineering and installation time and costs. Pumps, instrumentation, controls, valves and other accessories can be supplied in customer approved standardized brands.

Complete chemical byproduct production systems.  Produce sodium hydrosulfide with hydrogen sulfide and more.